Hey ladies have any of you heard of this disease?? Or know anyone who has it ?? Please really need support and help. I fear that I may have it. Going to the doctor tomorrow to see.
My mother has it. It is an autoimmune desease. Do your research and try to reduce your stress as much as possible. Good luck and I pray that all will be well.
Thanks how is your mom dealing with it? And do u remember what her symptoms were?
Hi there, 123Nkechi is my sister so we have the same mom :-)

Her sole symptom prior to prognosis was the rash/lesions. I'm sure she probably had some fatigue too. About a year later she began having palpitations and rapid heart beat, caused by damage done to her heart by the granulomas. It's been almost 20 years since diagnosis and issues with her lungs have just started to occur in the last 5 years.

Check out the Aden Protocol by Daniel May. It's controversial but the information/research she has done is great.

Praying that you DON'T have Sarcoidosis...but if you do, follow my sister's advice. Get rid of the stress in your life and any other triggers. Let us know how it turns out.

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Thank you love I went to the doctor and he claims it's a chronic sinus infection.
I am so very glad that you have something else.
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Well thanks curly pearl ... I'm still not convinced that I have a sinus infection ... I think im panicking so much because my friend who had this had the same symptoms as me said that the doctors told her it was a sinus infection first then the meds didn't work I'm just terrified. I'm 20 years old and feel so alone
Sinus infections are tricky and can take a couple of rounds of medication to get rid of. Sometimes they can come back often. The sinuses are excellent places for growing things. Warm, damp, etc.

Having a grandmother with sarcoidosis that is fairly advanced and knowing that the vast majority of cases involve the lungs I'm not sure why you'd jump to that. Not saying that they all are lung based, but even looking at the other cases which are far less common the sinuses weren't on the list.

Having had many of them sinus infection symptoms runny, stuffy nose, facial pain and swelling of that area.

There could be other things that present as a sinus infection but I don't think I'd jump to the sarcoidosis diagnosis. My cousin has mold growing in hers (yes, mold, I know gross! they had to grow some in a lab to find out what kind. She was on prednisone and such for a while due to other issues, which helped to allow the mold spore to take hold).
Well I only jumped to that assumption because my 30 year old friend said that she had the same exact symptoms as me... She really scared me bad honestly!! And how long has your grandmother had her condition ?? Also I don't have the normal symptoms of a sinus infection .. I have no sore throat coughing or runny nose anything like that .. I have a tingling face all over, eye pressure, nose pressure, ear pain, severe headaches

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