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SilverCurls 06-08-2012 09:00 AM

30 Day Shred, aka Training For the Zombie Apocalypse
Here is the thread to support each other as we embark on 30 Day Shred. You can post your results, your frustrations, your triumphs, or your desire to flip the bird to Jillian Michaels as she's kicking our collective asses! :toothy10:

Anyone who is currently going through this program, has completed the program, is thinking of starting the program is encouraged to participate. I believe there is power in numbers and it's more fun to do something challenging when you know you have others in the same boat. We can do this!

Here is my post from the BeachBody thread, posted yesterday, as I begin the journey:


I started the BeachBody, Slim in 6 series yesterday afternoon. I like the workout, but found it to be too easy, really. I like the concept and will stick with it, but I will be supplementing it with JM's 30-Day Shred, which I started this morning. That workout is more intense.

Some background: I have been a runner/jogger in the past, but due to IT band issues that began affecting my knees, I haven't run since August of last year. I also do light weightlifting 3x per week. I'm 49 and consider myself to be in decent shape for my age. But without being able to run, over the holidays the weight started piling on - 15 pounds of it!!! I love to cook and I love to eat and that is not a good combination for losing or maintaining my weight. I'm determined to blast that 15 pounds off and an additional 5 pounds to get me to where I feel the most comfortable.

So, my plan is to do the JM workouts in the morning, and the BB workout in the afternoon. I will supplement with a daily Pilates reformer routine. I find that to be a relaxing way to gently stretch my muscles in the evening without breaking a sweat. I have been tracking my diet/calories on WebMD. I will weigh in every week, most likely on Friday mornings. To keep myself accountable, and as embarrassing as it is for me to admit, my starting weight as of this morning is 140 lbs. I'm 5' 3.5" tall and I feel most comfortable around 120 lbs., so that's my goal. Wish me luck!!!
A few other curlies have voiced their desire to have a 30 Day Shred support thread, so here it is! Won't you join us? :)

spring1onu 06-08-2012 09:57 AM

I first tried the 30DS maybe about two years ago and I did it five days a week for 30 days. I was dying. :lol: But also totally shocked that I could actually tell a difference in my endurance.

Let me tell y'all that a few years ago I was 60 (well, 50 now that I've gained 10 lbs back!) pounds heavier, pretty sedentary, and had never exercised a day in my life. Long story short my extremely supportive and motivational husband helped me change that and I still can't believe I exercise on a regular basis and lost that weight. I was fat and miserable. We had both gained weight and he was able to lose over 30 pounds while we changed how we ate and exercised.

So, fast forward to now and since moving to CA I've gained about 10 lbs and realize what a huge difference that can make in my comfort level. I wasn't skinny by any means, but I was happy and comfortable and I'd like to get that back.

My oh my, how fast a year can go by. I realized that I've been doing the same piddling workout since we moved here without changing anything up and if I'm honest the "workout" wasn't even pushing myself. No wonder I've gained weight! So I decided to get that evil woman Jillian out of her little plastic case and give it a go again as a way to change things up for myself. I don't plan on doing it every day, but working it in a couple times a week along with switching it up between pilates and walking on my treadmill.

I'll also be honest and admit I totally have to pause it a few times so I don't die. :lol: I desperately need to build up to doing cardio because I get out of breath so easily just in some regular day to day things so I'm hoping it helps. Even though I paused it a few times I was still so sore the next morning that it hurt to pour coffee and I had to get creative with getting my shirt on because no way were my hands going over my head. :toothy7:

And for the record, I don't do the damn push ups. I hate the jumping jacks because it hurts my boobs, but I just hold them with one hand and do them. :lol: So I might be modifying things a little, but I figure at least I'm doing it.

So I hope we can all do this together and help motivate each other. I was sedentary and fat several years ago and when I first started exercising I seriously couldn't go a few minutes on the treadmill without being in pain. So if I can do this, anyone can!

When Jillian tells you "don't phone this in" just flip her off and keep on keepin' on. And try not to be envious of the one girls gorgeous curls and long legs. :lol:

claudine19 06-08-2012 12:00 PM

I started downloading this yesterday, but then.....oh, I don't know, one of the dogs had to go out, or my leg itched, or I decided to play with a fountain truth, I think I should do it, but I'm terrified of Jillian Michaels. She's like every mean gym teacher I ever knew, only sober.

spring1onu 06-09-2012 10:08 AM

ninja, you have gotta give it a try. I'm a big believer that if lazy me can do something like this that anyone can. :flower:

I know, I know...I'm a motivational powerhouse! :lol:

SilverCurls 06-09-2012 11:15 AM

Spring, I'm very impressed with not only your substantial weightloss, but your willingness to go through the 30 Day Shred again! That takes a lot of determination. :color: I think it's perfectly fine to modify where and when you need to, as long as you keep something moving!

I hear ya on not pushing yourself lately. I guess I've been doing the same thing, or "phoning it in", as it were. Not being able to run, much less walk my daily 4.25 route, I had to rely on my library of workout tapes or simply trying to do a routine on my own. It was too easy to do the workouts while barely breaking a sweat.

And that's where JM comes in. I need her drill sergeant-like personality to push me to my limit. I do the push-ups, but not all of them. I don't mind the jumping jacks. And squats and lunges, while not my favorite, really are two of the best moves to whip the thighs, hips, and backside into shape. So far none of those moves have aggravated my knees. I do find that I need more stretching before beginning her workout and most definitely afterwards. Today, I could feel a little soreness in my tush and the tops of my shoulders, but I powered through.

The BB system came with a clean-eating diet plan and it falls in line with what I've already been doing for a couple of weeks on my own. I find that for me, I get the quickest and most dramatic results when I combine fitness and dieting. One without the other just doesn't work for me. I am determined to lose all the weight by the end of the summer.

I do have couple of questions for you, though. When did you decide to move up to the next level? Do you do each one for 10 days or just move up when you feel ready? How about when you finish the program and have not yet met your weightloss goal? Do you just continue with the highest level, or move onto another of her routines?

And yes, it's hard not to be envious of Natalie, the girl with the gorgeous curls and the long legs. I find myself trying to keep up with her! :toothy5:

ninja - What spring said! :glasses7: We'd love for you to join in. I can certainly see JM being a tough cookie. She seems OK now, but probably gets tougher as the difficulty progresses.

claudine19 06-09-2012 12:45 PM

I know, I know.

I will try it.

SilverCurls 06-09-2012 12:51 PM


spring1onu 06-09-2012 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by SilverCurls (Post 1970349)
I do have couple of questions for you, though. When did you decide to move up to the next level? Do you do each one for 10 days or just move up when you feel ready? How about when you finish the program and have not yet met your weightloss goal? Do you just continue with the highest level, or move onto another of her routines?

That's a very good question, if I can remember the answer! :lol: I'm pretty sure I just did it as I felt like I was able to, no particular set time frame. And back when I first did it I just sorta quit doing it, although I had intentions of incorporating it at least once a week just to do something different, I never did. This time around I'm not doing it every day like I did the first time, but want to just throw it in to change my daily workout up to something different.

Could I have "explained" it any more complicated?!

missbanjo 06-09-2012 07:19 PM

I'm so up for this. I can start Tues.

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SilverCurls 06-11-2012 07:26 AM

We'd love to have you join us, missbanjo! :icon_smile:


I'll post an update later this afternoon. :cat:

claudine19 06-11-2012 08:12 AM

Yes, please do, SC.

I'm imagining just how hard it is!

spring1onu 06-11-2012 09:55 AM

ninja, I probably make it sound harder than it is for a normal person. :lol:

And that is why I 100% believe anyone can do it if I can. :D And it's also sort of weird that I'm looking forward to doing it a few times this week now that I have y'all to share it with. It's crazy what a little support can do!

claudine19 06-11-2012 10:04 AM


springy, you're so sweet.

luvmylocs 06-11-2012 04:51 PM

there's a big group of folks supporting each other doing the 30ds on myfitnesspal too.

SilverCurls 06-11-2012 05:21 PM

Today's update:

Today was my 5th consecutive day of 'Shredding'. Getting through the workouts is getting slightly easier although I'm still not doing all the push-ups. :toothy5: Different muscles were sore this morning: upper chest, triceps, and inner thighs. I also noticed my hamstrings and calves felt tight today and the jumpropes had me grimacing. lol I still need extra stretching after the workout, and that is the one area where I feel JM is deficient. I felt pretty good when I finished today, though.

I am still doing an afternoon workout with the BB Slim in 6 DVDs. I moved on to the second level today. That workout is 54 minutes long, but I only completed 45 minutes as the last part was more push-ups and ab work that I didn't care to repeat. I am really not liking this series. I don't find it motivating enough to stick it out. The music is lame and the workouts are just not challenging enough. My plan was to do both workouts daily for a week for a nice jumpstart, and today was day 6. I think instead I will use some step aerobics DVDs for more cardio. I will also shoot for working out 6 days a week. It's what I'm use to and it works well for me. I'll take Sundays off to let my body rest.

The diet is going pretty well. I'd say I'm sticking to a very clean diet plan about 90% of the time. I did slip this weekend and had a glass of wine - I NEEDED it! :glasses7: I was also ready to kill for a potato chip, so I gave in and had a small handful. I'm expecting my period any day now, and I always get a craving for salty, crunchy things. And because of my impending period, I'm not looking forward to Friday's weigh-in, due to the usual 1 to 2-lb. weight gain I invariably get at that time of the month. Plus, I have a tendency to gain a little muscle when I begin strength training before I begin losing pounds on the scale. :neutral:

Oh, well. I'm just going to continue plugging along. I hope my workout buddies are doing well. Let's hear some updates!

spring1onu 06-12-2012 11:43 AM

Alrighty, I just finished and am trying to figure out why I decided to start this when it's summer and we're having our warmest week so far AND we have no AC. :lol: My after workout smoothie has never tasted better.

Things went fine today, although I do have an ongoing problem with figuring out how to eat something in the morning and workout without it making me feel icky. I don't think there is a way around it though. I have to eat something so I don't feel sick, but if I eat something I feel a little queasy when doing a workout with all this jumping around. All I'm having is toast and I don't think I can get any more bland than that.

I did a couple of pushups today so I guess that's progress and I didn't have to pause it but once to catch my breath. :D I'm still planning on doing this twice a week, pilates one day and treadmill the other two days. I've got another Jillian DVD I bought when we still lived in CT and never opened so maybe I'll get that out and see what it's about.

misspam, you're doing awesome! The diet is definitely where I'm trying to reign myself back in to eating better. I can't really restrict myself things because it just makes me want them ten fold, but I was able to totally change my eating habits in a way that worked for our lifestyle and I lost the weight, so I just need to get myself back on track with that.

SilverCurls 06-12-2012 02:31 PM

Thanks, spring1onu! And Yay! for you on the pushups! Those are tough, aren't they? What is the other JM dvd that you have? I bought a few more to have at the ready when the 30 Day Shred is over. I also just received her Master Your Metabolism cookbook. I'm looking forward to trying some of her recipes!

I'm the opposite of you in that I do not eat at all before my morning workout. If I eat, I feel sluggish. I workout within 20 minutes of waking up, then I have my breakfast and morning coffee.

This morning's workout went well. I did a step workout for the afternoon. It's old-school, but I enjoy it and my sweat is sweating by the end of the workout. lol It also doesn't hurt to be staring at Gilad for an hour. The slightly naughty thoughts running through my head make the time fly by! :tongue5:


This is the workout I did today:

Their workout attire cracks me up!

Diet has been great today. I've been on target with my daily calories, etc. The only thing I refuse to compromise on is my coffee WITH my half & half. I might as well step in front of a bus before I give that up. :lol:

spring1onu 06-12-2012 03:21 PM

Oh how I wish I could workout within 20 minutes of getting up, that would be a perfect scenario. My reality is that it takes me a good 45 minutes to an hour to really wake up enough not to injure myself while doing anything other than drinking coffee. :lol: I absolutely hate being so groggy for so long, but I guess it's just how my body works for some reason. I get up, take some medications and have my coffee while I wait my required 30 minutes (per the medications I take) then have my toast. I try to give myself a little bit after that before I start working out and if I'm just doing the treadmill or pilates I'm fairly ok with not feeling sick, but those jumping jacks get me. Blech. :lol: On the other end of it if I don't have something I feel light headed and even today I noticed when getting up from doing any of the floor stuff I was a little woozy. My body hates me, that's all. :lol:

You know one thing I dislike? That I can't fast forward through the beginning of the 30DS DVD and just get right to the menu. I don't want to sit there through that inrto every dern time! I know I can leave it at the end of the workout and it will go back to the menu, but I always have to remove the DVD from the player because we watch movies. Minor annoyance, I guess.

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is the other DVD I have, wrapper still on it! Apparently I can "ignite my fat-burning potential!".

I am LOVING the step workout outfits!! :lol: Do you have the step platform thing?

SilverCurls 06-12-2012 03:49 PM

I just got that same DVD from Amazon. LOL @ the "igniting" blurb. :toothy10: I also received her No More Trouble Zones, where apparently one can "Eliminate Love Handles, Muffin Tops, and Wobbly Arms for Good!". Sign me up!!! :queen:

The other day at WalMart, I picked up Ripped in 30 and Extreme Shed & Shred. Both look a little more challenging than 30DS. From reading reviews online, the Ripped in 30 is a popular one to try after 30DS. I'll be reviewing all 4 DVDs to decide which one to try next.

I remember wearing the same type of outfits when I started taking aerobics classes in the 80s. Of course, leg warmers were included. The legs were cut so high on the leotards that they would constantly ride up your crack. Not a good look! ;) And I do have a step. I got this one from Amazon:

It's almost exactly like the ones we used at the gym.

iroc 06-13-2012 09:47 PM

It took me forever to find this thread!

I started level one today. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad. It was fairly quick, Jillian Michaels wasn't horrible, and I've definitely done worse workouts.

So far seems like something I can stick with. As long as my back holds up...

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