working out first thing in AM (before hair is dry)

I'm new to the CG routine but I like to let my hair air dry and now when I work out in the mornings I am stumped about what to do about my hair. I sometimes just leave it down and its uncomfortable and hot as I work out. I sometimes wear a wide headband or scarf to at least keep it away from my face but then after I am done and I remove the headband, my hair is weird-looking. Sometimes I put my fingers in at the roots and shake them to fluff up the flattened down parts - but it still shows signs of having been flattened in a weird way. I don't wash my hair right after I work out. Maybe that would be the best solution though. I have 2c - 3a ish hair, very thick/dense and medium length
I have no advice but wanted to let you know you are not alone. If I put my wet or dry hair up or back, it changes the curl pattern and looks weird when I take it down. I don't like my hair touching my face or neck when I work out because it makes me hotter, so I am clueless what to do with it.
Once you get into the CG routine, you should be washing your hair less times a week (I've heard 1-2 is the goal). Which actually works really nice, because unless you play professional sports, its better for your body to take 1-3 days off from working out a week! Its really important to let your muscles heal themselves, or you'll be more prone to injury. For me, on days when I don't wash my hair I pull it back into a ponytail and use an athletic headband (Target has some cheap stretchy ones that have lasted me forever!) or sweatband. After I'm finished, Ill use a refreshing spray with lavender because it cleans and deodorizes hair while helping fight frizz (deva curl makes one, but its on the pricey side so I go for a homemade recipe). I also have thick and coarse 2a-3c hair, so I hope this helps!

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