Ab-busting/workout routine for me?

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Posting here in the hopes that it will get more responses...

I've been very underweight for the past 2 years and also struggled with depression. I spent most of my time lying around in bed.

I'm gaining weight back but it's all gone straight to my middle...I'm 42 btw. My back and abdomen seem extremely weak; after I had c-section in 2004 that area's just never been the same.

Anyway I'm very small-framed, short and petite. Also I can't afford a gym at all. I'm okay with my body overall but this gut is driving me mad.

Right now I'm walking/jogging just to get in the habit bc I get winded easily due to being inactive for so long. Trying to do crunches and pushups, then 30-minute fast walk/jog afterwards, for the past couple of weeks.

I have practically no arches and my ankles hurt when I try to jog. I don't know if it's because I should only be walking right now or if there's an issue with my feet/shoes.

I'm small and skinny, but untoned and flabby. My attempts at pushups are pathetic and I have weak upper arm strength too.

If anyone has any advice i'd appreciate it TIA. I loathe exercise but I'm trying to get healthier.
Blogilates.com my absolutely fave online trainer. She has nice short and long workouts. I also like bexlife.com

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I was coming in this thread to recommend Blogilates as well!

All of her videos can be found on YouTube as well. Search "Pop Pilates".

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