Lose It app

Anyone using it? I love it! You have the ability to scan. This morning I logged my food on both myfitnesspal and Lose It. I scanned most of my food and my consumed calories are a lot higher, or should I say accurate, on Lose It.
why'd you have to say that!

I just deleted my loseit app so I could soley use myfitnesspal

Too funny! Sorry! I was really shocked that my calorie intake was about 140 higher on Lose It. Maybe you are better at logging your food & portions on MFP than I am. Apparently, I'm not so great at it
I was just informed that MFP has a scan option too. I had no idea!
I ways guesstimate higher anyway just to be safe
I just signed up after seeing this thread. I can use all the help I can get right now and want to get into the habit of tracking. Apparently my martial arts training burns a lot of calories- I will need to be really careful about subtracting downtimes from my total activity time or I will be way off. My pre-exam this morning was almost 1000 calories, so I'm still running negative for the day and that's including a large mocha latte at Dunkin Donuts before the exam. Keeping fingers crossed.

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why'd you have to say that!

I just deleted my loseit app so I could soley use myfitnesspal

Originally Posted by murrrcat
Did you notice that things scan higher in Lose It? I just scanned the exact same things on MFP and it calculated higher on Lose It. I checked the package and MFP was accurate.
I never really scan things so I'm can't say lol I don't eat much processed boxed or frozen food, I have problems with restaurants and fast food which I can't scan haha

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