My Exercise Record PART 2


TL Webb: I Want Those Buns and Arms (Program 2)

Marched around house for 30 minutes.

Weight 132.5

41 minute walk with hills.


TL Webb: Cardio Blast

Tamilee kicks butt. I think if I do this 3 times a week and her I Want That Body twice a week for a couple of weeks I should lose some more weight.

Weight: 131.5 on 9/17
133 on 9/19

TL Webb: I Want Those Arms and Buns.

TL Webb: I Want That Body.


TL Webb: CardioBlast.

TL Webb: I Want That Body (arms & buns)

Yoga class


TL Webb: Tighter Assets Cardio Blast.
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sd...where are you? Have you just stopped posting your daily routine?
I know I'm a little late on
I went through about 4 months of doing very little. I am back exercising now, but I don't feel the "need" to post my routine anymore, don't know why though. I am doing well and eating much better. Thanks for asking.

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