My Exercise Record PART 2


New CD "Fat Free" (Bar Method).

Basically Lotte Berk, with some variations and 45 minutes instead of 28. I needed something new, I think this will be a good one.
The Bar Method "Designer Sculpting".

These new DVDs really complement my Lotte Berk DVDs. Of course she used to be a Lotte Berk teacher. I now plan to use each DVD 1 day a week (5 days), that hopefully will keep me from getting bored for a few months.

LB "Hip Huger Abs - Blast"

This was kind of fun and the exercises were different than any others I have ever done, couldn't do them all though. I think I will do the Blast section on this DVD instead of the full workout most of the time now. I think this is a good workout and since it is only 10 minutes I can work it in no matter what time I get up. There are plenty of ab exercises in The Bar Method DVDs, so I don't feel I will be shortchanging myself.

The Bar Method: "Fat Free"


The Bar Method: "Designer Sculpt"

LB "Hip Hugger Abs - BLAST".

I can only do about half of these and even those not very well. This is a very short, challenging workout.

LB "Muscle Eats Fat" - the full version.

LB "High Round Assets - BLAST".

Got my ballet bar last night! Think I'm really going to like using this for these exercises.

LB "Muscle Eats Fat - BLAST".

Had a bit of insomnia last night so had a hard time exercising that's why I did the short workout. Still tired.

LB "Hip Hugger Abs - "BLAST". Still can only do half (barely).

Hope to get one more exercise session in before we move.

LB "Muscle Eats Fat" - the full workout.

Probably last workout until Monday since we move tomorrow.

The Bar Method "Fat Free".

Love this workout!

LB "High Round Assets BLAST".

The Bar Method "Fat Free".


LB "Muscle Eats Fat - BLAST". Got up late today.
Am taking a few days off. I was short of breath and my heart racing last time I exercised and it scared me. It was the same thing that happened before I had my blood transfusion and surgery. But this can't be related. So I thought I would take it easy a few days and see what happens.
I actually started to exerise last night, but Chris called and we talked for over half an hour, so I didn't go back to it. I was going to exercise this morning, but got up too late again.

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