My Exercise Record PART 2


LB "Muscle Eats Fat - BLAST".


The Bar Method "Fat Free".


LB "High Round Assets - BLAST".

Computer still down at home.

The Bar Method "Designer Sculpting".

I feel worn out and my shoulders really feel the workout.
I was sick on the 31st, 1st & 2nd. Got up early today to get into work early thinking I would be swamped and I'm not. Could have taken the time to work out. Hopefuly tonight!

Got up too late to do a full workout.

LB - "Muscle Eats Fat BLAST"

The Bar method "Fat Free".

Love, love this workout. Hopefully, no insomnia this week so I get uup in time to exercise at least 5 times.

LB "Hip Hugger Abs - BLAST".

45 minute walk around new neighborhood with hubby.

The Bar Method: "Designer Sculpting".

LB "High Round Assets - BLAST".

40 minute walk with hubby.


LB "Muscle Eats Fat"

The Bar Method - Fat Free - Bonus Workout.

It is a short workout for abs and butt.

LB - "High Round Assets - BLAST".

The Bar Method "Designer Sculpting".
You are so amazing to me! What is your motivator? What keeps you doing it?
3B/3C,thin hair strands w/S waves ends in corkscrews
34 years old, 5-5"

LB - Hip Hugger Abs - BLAST". (Didn't do every exercise, this is tough).

Thanks Earthmama I appreciate your comment. - My motivation is I am older than most of you and I see that if I don't exercise I am going to get fat. When I was in my 20's & 30's I could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight. I always had a slight poochy tummy though, it runs in the family. When my mother was my age she started gaining weight and is now 77 and at one point was about 70 pounds overweight. She uses a treadmill almost every day now and has lost about 30 pounds, but she is still heavy. My sister who is 2 years younger than me and NEVER exercises has a HUGE stomach, (in college she was the envy of her dorm for having a flat stomach). She looks pregnant to me. I don't want either of those things to happen to me. I also enjoy sex a lot more when I feel good about my body. My husband and I promised each other we would never get fat and we both mean to keep that promise.

I also feel really good when I'm done exercising.

The Bar Method "Fat Free".

Need to get up earlier and do this in the morning!!

LB - "High Round Assets - BLAST".

5 Minute Beginner Meditation

LB - "Muscle Eats Fat".

5 min beginner meditation; 7 min happiness meditation and 5 minute every day med

The Bar Method - "Designer Sculpting".

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