My Exercise Record PART 2


The Bar Method - "Fat Free".

2 Five minute beginner meditations, didn't concentrate too well.

The Bar Method _ "Designer Sculpting".

Did not want to work out at all.

Got a phone call on the last exercise so did not quite finish, but close enough.
On your first post here you mentioned that your posts had vanished. You can still see these here:
They are in the archived sites at
Have Fun!
3b to 3c,shoulder length in back, shorter on top until it grows out
Thanks. I had found it since I posted that and bumped it up. It is now on the second page.

LB "Muscle Eats Fat - BLAST".

The Bar Method - "Fat Free".

35 minute very hilly walk.

Stress test tomorrow!

Sick today. Wish I was at home insted of at work.

"Muscle Eats Fat - BLAST." Sick tuesday through Friday last week and too lazy on Saturday & Sunday to workout.

Will do 5 min meditation after this.

Walked 30 minutes.

The Bar Method - "Fat Free".

30 minute walk.


2 hour hike in Penasquitos canyon. Started at 9:30 and it was HOT. It wa upper 80's when we got done.

LB "Muscle Eats Fat" - BLAST

40 minute walk.

37 minute somewhat hilly walk.

The Bar Method - Fat Free "Bonus Workout".

This is a short workout for abs & butt.

I think I am getting sick again!!

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