Fasting For Weightloss--Is It Realistic??

OK, so I have had a problem with stress over the last 2-3 years and have subsequently gained about 24 pounds in the last year. The doctor says it's stress triggering a hormonal imbalance (which is causing more stress) ,

But, I have seen in the past a number of people in the media who have fasted to lose weight (remember when Charlize Theron gained all that weight (45pds)for that movie Monster and lost it in 6 weeks and when Renee Zelleweger did the same thing for the B. Jones series??) and I wondered if anyone on the boards has ever tried this with success.

My normal weight over 30has always been between 105-115, and have always been thin my whole life, but with this unexpected (and unexplained) weight gain, I thought maybe drastic measures were called for (I am a vegetarian--so it can't be food related), so I thought a cleansing fast for 6months might work for me like it has for the other women who needed to lose more than 10 or 15 pds.

I have noticed that a few larger weightloss patients have done a medically supervised fast (the lady from ER) with success and am thinking of taking the plunge.

Has anyone tried it with success and is it safe.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
I have a nutritionist who turned me on to intermittent fasting (only eating within a 6-8 hour window throughout the day) it takes some getting used to but worked really well for me and my dh, especially when we cut out white carbs too. Search for eat, stop, eat, there is an ebook there that goes into it in detail.

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I could never do it. I'm a grazer.

Is this something you should discuss with your doctor? I know some people experience fainting and dizziness from low blood sugar when fasting.


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I just might (again). The only problem I have had with her is that she thinks I'm over-reacting (she is also a fuller figured lady--btw, so it may be influencing her consults to a degree) so it's hard to get an objective eval.

I think 20pds of weight gain is a warning that soemthing is very wrong, but have been told to try relaxation and de-stressing techniques. So far not very effective, but I am going to take the bull by the horns and try the modified fast and see how that goes with the whole eat-stop-eat thingy.

Thanks everyone for the helpful responses.

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