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I am currently just starting again with my workouts after a month of skipping out, and my shower routine has changed a lot in that month and I feel as if it's too much stuff for a quick shower at the gym. I am using shampoo (shush I really need shampoo), two conditioners, face wash, which is a must, two body washes, shaving, and a foot scrub. I have been taking showers at home because it is too much to take with me to the gym everyday and it feels gross. Can someone please help me figure out a quick and simple shower routine that I can follow daily while still maintaining healthy hair?

Sorry it's long xD
Why the multiple conditioners and body washes? That's where I would look to scale back. You might also want to see if your gym offers locker rentals. I'm able to rent a small locker at my gym and keep a stash of stuff there (including travel sizes of a bunch of different hair products so I can mix and match), plus a diffuser and my flip-flops. It was worth the extra expense to not have to lug everything around with me.

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I actually don't know I feel like my hair and my skin needs to have the extra moisture,one body was is exfoliating which I use for shaving and the other one is mostly moisture. I'm almost done the conditioners and when I am I'll probably pick out just a shampoo and conditioner to use everytime and a deep conditioner for a couple times a week at home? I can't condition wash, I tried for a while and it just does not clean and does not get out the grease or odour. I think I need to have one body wash for the gym, and then use both when I shower at home /: still open for advice though thank you
Can you use a loofa or exfoliating gloves in place of one of the washes?
Shave at home the evening before. That eliminates the razor, and extra body wash. Invest in travel size bottles, so you are not lugging huge bottles around. My gym bag has: cowash, conditioner, shower gel, gel(s), towels, travel dryer, & diffuser. The bottles are all travel sized, so they fit nearly in a small toiletry bag. The dryer folds down and I currently have a regular diffuser, but I'm going to purchase a collapsible one from Sally's soon. If I could get away with a wash & go, I would cut that down even further.
I just get clean and style my hair at the gym, any sort of grooming tasks like shaving, deep exfoliation, etc. get done in the evening, the night before. I have a limited amount of time in the mornings to get from gym to work, so I don't have the time for an in depth grooming routine at the gym.
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