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My work started providing free yoga classes during our lunch breaks a couple times a week and I was really hesitant to give it a go.

Nearly a year after joining and I'm totally hooked. I'd like to start some sessions at home now

Can anyone recommend a good YouTube blogger for yoga for runners? I esp need help with loosening my hip flexors.

I've done a search and found quite a few. In the meantime, I'll trial and error a couple until I find something good

Also If you know any good yoga blogs/books/videos, pls let me know. I'm really interested in reading up and pursuing my interest in yoga


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My favorite yoga of all time is inhale from oxygen network. There are 6 full length videos up on YouTube. (network pulled the show back in 200. Just YouTube Google Inhale yoga with Steve Ross. He works your whole body and spends 15min on hip openers per episode.
Brilliant - thanks guys. I just finished a set from the daily yoga app after my run. I'll have a go of these later

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