Fit-conscious curly and co-washing?

Hi everyone. I have been doing CG for almost a month now, and one thing I am finding is that I feel like I need to cowash every day to scrub my scalp after sometimes 2 hours of activity. Most people espouse the practice of only couching twice a week, etc. and I am wondering if any of you other fitness minded curlies have trouble with the idea of leaving sweat and grime from running outdoors hanging out on your head. :-P

Do any of you cowash every day? Is that still CG, or more modified? How do you manage staying fresh and also staying active as a curly?
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I don't do cardio every day, so on strength days I'm ok not wetting my head. A lavender spray helps refresh my hair and scalp and smells really nice too. I guess if I ran outside every day I'd want to at least water wash every time too.
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If I do any form of cardio then I have to get the sweat of my scalp. (At the moment some of my runs are 2+ hours.)

I have visible dry sweat on my face and neck so I will obviously have some on my scalp skin. I actually use a sulphate-free shampoo as well as needed.

One thing you can do is when possible do a overnight pre-poo of a penetrating oil to combat any dryness.

In theory if you put the right amount of oil on your hair it should be absorbed before you start exercising but as I don't always sleep for 8 hours, exercise in the morning, sweat a lot and oil have caused acne in the past I tend to use it on rest day(s) and strength day.
I absolutely have to at least rinse with water after cardio. I limit no poo to twice a week max and just rinse with water the other sessions.

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