Double Dare

Double Dare

One of the things I'm working towards at the moment is stunt work, so to see this film was highly inspirational!
If you're into that sort of thing (stunt work, extreme sports, etc) I'd really reccomend going to see this.
I can't wait for this film to come out for two reasons; Zoe Bell Uma Thurman's stunt double is in it (can't you tell, I'm a huge Kill Bill fan?)

And also because my dream job always stands as stunt woman, god damn my weak body.

DeepMadder what kind of skills do you work on?

Let me check my skills, I can ride a motorbike and juggle. Do I qualify?
I'm in NZ, so it sort of folllows that I do a lot of horsey stuff. I've been on and off (sometimes quite literally) horses since I was a young'un.
I also did a little bit of high diving, and I'd like to get back into that.
At the moment I'm doing a lot of parkour, so that's getting me into shape ( I fully sympathise with your 'damn my weak body' comment )

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