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Well, it sounds like you're doing well, and have a good action plan

Don't get me started on dennys :nono:nono1.gif
Just wanted to say to Cherish: You are awesome! All of your support has even motivated me! LOL! I promise, if I start a journal here, I"m hoping to have your support and motivation (of course, if it's okay w/you ). Good luck Dana w/your lifestyle change. It definitely sounds like you're on the right track and doing well
Join Date: Dec 1999
Posts: 6,579
Awww... Amerasiancurls, I'm so thrilled you feel motivated If you start a journal, I will definitely stop by to check on you... and if you slack off, watch out!
I finally went to a physical therapist. He told me I will see a significant change in my posture if I exercise every day for a month. Problem is, there are a LOT of exercises. Eight exercises, 10 reps, three sets, SIX TIMES A DAY. Its tough. I've only gotten up to two times a day, but I'm workin it.
My shoulders have straightened out a bit. Now time to work on my neck and do an hour of cardio every day. I'm sick of being 220 when I was 150 a year and a half ago. Disgusting. Off to join the new gym and work my butt off!!!
New Start

Current weight-208.5 I keep gaining and losing, gaining and losing.

Exercise: Walked for an hour and ten minutes. I am going to the gym after dinner to do the recumbent (sp) bike, regular bike, the butt climber thing, and possibly some upper back machines.

Food: Not much healthy food, but I'm staying within points..so far.

Two oreos
Package of ramen
La Crem yogurt cup
three handfuls of 94 percent fat free popcorn

Oh, and tons of water.

So, I'm not anywhere near where I wanna be, but this is a start.
20 minutes on bike
45 minute walk

bowl of nasty oat and almond cereal
one oreo
15 chips (3.5 points) and salsa (0 points)
small tomato
turkey and cheese sandwich
small icecream sandwich

lots of water

I'm just proud to say I did very well during the day and suddenly got the urge to go to Dennys. I figured, hell, its one day, it won't do me any harm. Well, I got there and changed my mind. THANK GOODNESS. Instead of getting a Sampler I had a bowl of oatmeal with only three sugar packets (as opposed to about 10) and a garden salad. Granted, I used a lot of ranch, but its a big step.

No exercise though.

On to today!
Just wanted to send some motivation your way! I think you did AWESOME by going to one of your fave places to eat and choosing something different. It's those little steps that get you to your goal. You are making positive changes, and soon they will begin to show. Congrats to you for taking control of your health and exercising your right to make smart choices! Good luck on your journey
Thank you! Oh, its more than my favorite place. Its my home.


Stayed within 25 points. Actually had 24.5! I only walked for forty minutes because I wasn't feeling well, but thats ok. Its getting easier every day.

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