Toya's weightloss and exercise log

Okay I got in accident a few years ago in which I hurt my knee. During this time period I gained 30lbs. I still have the knee problem but not as severe. But I know the weight gain isnt helping it. Plus I am just not happy with this gain. I want to be energetic like I used to be. It sounds really stupid but I dont even want to step into the gym I go to with my new wide behind. So I a dvd series that looks fun. Its called yoga booty ballet. I am going to start this program along with increasing my protein intake, while limiting simple carbs and keeping the complex ones. I will see how this happens.

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Looking forward to reading your review of the dvd once you've had a chance to try it out...

I tried out Brian Kest's Power Yoga dvd recently and enjoyed it. I felt energized. I expected to be sore for days like I was when I tried Bikram Yoga but wasn't at all... I would like that Bikram exp again, I think.
Its called yoga booty ballet.
Originally Posted by cutietootie
I saw the informercial for this. It looked interesting. Let me know how it goes. =)

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