Help, Please.

Pre-puberty I was a skinny little thing with storklike legs and without an ounce of fat on my body. Now at 16, I am 5'8" and 140 lbs and although I know that I have a healthy BMI and weight, my tummy is huge. I eat fairly healthily-- I am a fruit and vegetables girl and eat a lot of meat-- but have NO control around junk food and cannot stop eating it.

Does anyone have any dieting ideas for me? I am going to start exercising more, but need help with my first diet. I would like to lose a couple of lbs and get rid of my pouch, but healthily.

Thanks for reading my whine, I am just so unhappy with my body
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The sooner you start exercising the better! What do you plan to do for exercise? Sports, walking, resistance (weights), yoga, joining a gym?

So, you've done the first step, pinpointing where the problem is: junkfood! What kind of junk food? At a certain time of day?

The only thing that has ever worked for me (and you're not going to like this) is to go cold turkey. No more junk food. At all. After about 3 days the cravings stop, and then you can pass it up without much of a problem!

I'll eat desserts and junkfood on "special occasions" like cookouts or parties, but that's probably 1-2 times per month. That's the only time I'll ever eat it! Now if I want a snack, I'll have fruit (usually with some cottage cheese) or something to drink (sparkling flavored water and crystal light are what I like).
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Thanks for answering so fast! I belong to the Y and usually run and then use the elliptical. I usually end up burning off around 400 calories.

I can go without junkfood until after dinner, and then end up eating a large amount of ice cream with caramel sauce or brownies or something-- pastries and baked goodies are my weakness. Argh, you're right, I was afraid someone would tell me I had to cut off junkfood but I am willing to do it...and only craving for around three days doesn't sound completely horrible.

Thank you so much for the response!!!
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It seems we all crave certain carbs. Some have a sweet tooth, like you (& me), some prefer chips, bread, etc. I find it helps to subsitute. I will make something sweet, but substitute the ingredients so it doesn't wreck my diet. I make a smoothie which really helps my craving. The recipe and ingredients are under the topic about Protein Powders. Eating fruit may work also. Try the frozen bananas. You almost feel like you're eating ice cream.
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