New to the group/ Need help with loosing preancy weight r/o

I wanted to say hello that im new to the group. I just had a baby about 3month's ago.I gained quite abit of weight and I hate it. Im ready to loose it. I've tried in the past but even time i get started i get off the bandwagon. Now Im ready to get back on and get my a$$ in gear. I wanted to know what exercises can i do o loose the baby fat from my stomach. Also here is alittle bit about me. I eat seafood, fish, beans,eggs and lot's of veggies. I dont eat meat or chicken. Im trying to become vegetarian but im not quite there yet. Also I drink lot's of water but I guess
that dosent help when I drink soda. Also I cant stop eating candy(s0rry but i have a sweet tooth. So i decided to keep track of what i eat starting today. So far it hasent been good
WholeWheat Begal/Cream cheese
piece of cookie
I know it not g ood
Lets hope the rest of the day i can do better.
My goals are too
Exercise more
Limit my sweets or stop them all togeher
Drink more water
Loose this weight LOL
Oh my current weight is
115-Lowest weight
58lbs to loose
Goal weight 115
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How tall are you? Is 115 a good weight for you?

I had a baby 8 months ago. I gained over 70 pounds during my pregnancy . I just forced myself on the treadmill as often as I could afterward. I've lost about 68 pounds of it (pretty much by month 4). The last 3-5 pounds are kicking my butt. (Yes, i still eat junk food, just try to limit it.) The weight comes off for sure. But your figure may never be the same. Mine isn't... It's not awful or anything, but it's just different. But some people spring right back to exactly what they were. Good luck. Most of my weight is gone, but I still need to tone, ALOT. So maybe we can motivate each other!

I am 5'1 so Im totally over weight.
That would be good to have a weight loss buddy.
Heres my email if you want to talk someimes
3B-Hair Type
Follower of the CG Routine Since 07/26/25
Cool! I'll email you. But for now...go exercise. I'm going soon as I check all new NC posts!

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