Yoga and Yoga alone...

Does anyone here do ONLY yoga and still stay in shape? I currently run 4 times a week and do yoga as well but I am considering cutting back on the running for a while (knee issues) and just doing yoga classes 4 or even 5 times a week. I am wondering if that would be enough exercise.... I heard at one point that that was all that MAdonna did actually
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Not to stay in shape, but it is the only activity that I do on a regular basis. The hiking/bike riding/rollerblading is more of a weekend leisure activity.
I read an article in Yoga Journal that measured the fitness level of four people who only did yoga for exercise. They all were pretty fit, not just in flexibility. However, they were doing upwards of two hours of yoga a day.

If you do a very vigorous style of yoga, like the Ashtanga style WebJockeyGuide does, that is aerobic. Slower styles will not give you the same cardio benefit, generally.

I practice yoga nearly every day, but I also do cardio and weights, and walk a lot.

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