for those who run outside, how do you stay OK in the weather

like when its very cold or hot outside??
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run in the early morning in the summer.

wear warm breathable clothing in the winter, gore-tex and polypro come to mind.
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I see people running in 80-90F around here. I would pass out after 5 mins.
I used to be a hardcore runner. I ran races in 90 degree weather. And, I ran in sub-zero weather as well.

In the summer, I stayed cool by:

*Drinking lots of water and staying hydrated
*Acclimating myself slowly--your body will adjust if your running is consistent year-round. As the weather transitions from spring to summer, so will your body.
*Wearing clothes made with coolmax. That expensive running gear is worth the price; it wicks aways the moisture so that you aren't sopping wet.
*running socks

In the winter, i stayed warm by:

*Wearing clothes made with coolmax. By contrast, in the summer, coolmax helps wick away the moisture so that you don't feel wet and cold.
*A good windbreaker, outer jacket
*Layers--I used to wear three layers: a fitted, longsleeved t made out of some amazing technologically advanced fabric; a middle, fitted layed that is thick and acts as a thermal barrier; an outer jacket to block the winde and keep me warm.
*A thermal cap
*Thermal mittens
Ditto what Costenya said; I run 3-4 miles a week, 3 times a week. In the summer, I drink 2X as much water as normal on days that I know I'm going to run. Also, for both summer and winter, I make sure to warm up outside so that my lungs and body can get acclimated to the temperature. In the summer, I start out by just doing 1 mile on hot days and then gradually increase.

In the winter, layering is key; I'm always suprised by how warm I get. Key for me is either a thermal cap or earmuffs My ears are very sensitive!
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Summers is tough in the midwest. Acclimate slowly and run EARLY! Some days you just have to hit the treadmill. Winter is easy. I have done long training runs for a marathon and had icicles in my hair when I got home! I'm proud of that. Layering is key. Just around freezing I wear: thin short-sleeve wicking shirt (if needed), thicker long-sleeve wicking shirt, light weight running jacket with hood & pockets (for gloves/mittens), wicking runner's hat (hood from jacket as needed), heavy wicking runner's tights/or thinner wicking tights with warm up pants on top--fleece works great. Takes a couple years of hitting the clearance racks, but workout clothes for runners are worth every penny. I layer summer clothes under winter clothes. I recommend road runner sports or hitting galyans/dicks/sports authority at the end of each season and buy clothes for next year. I have a whole wardrobe of excellent nike shirts this way--didn't pay full price for any of it. There is satisfaction from having the outdoors to yourself on a rough weather day and though sparse, the knowing smile from a fellow runner keeps me going

Train for a half or full marathon--then there is no excuse for skipping that run!
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