Exercise accountability thread

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Tuesday: Abs + 30mins elliptical
Wednesday: 35mins elliptical
Thursday: Abs + 40mins elliptical
Tuesday - 90 minute yoga class.
Today - 60 minute yoga class.

Tomorrow: either cardio or weights

Then, I'll be on vacation for a week and will be doing a lot of walking, but probably no formal workouts.
Friday: abs + 35mins elliptical
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: abs, arms, back, chest + 45 mins elliptical
I'm having a week off while my gym get's a refit. I'm back to it this coming sunday though.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: abs + 35-45mins on the elliptical
On week 5 of ct5k and got a new plan from my trainer at the gym. Hopefully I'll get into a better pattern with a new plan. He gave me two to alternate so I don't get bored, hehe.
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Fri: abs + 35mins elliptical
Sat: abs + 40mins elliptical
Sun: abs, arms, chest, back + 35mins elliptical

AND...I am down 21lbs and can now button my size 2 jeans!!!! (They are a little tight, but 2 weeks ago, I couldn't button them!) HOOOORAAYYY!!
50 minutes cardio. The new stuff at the gym is really hard to use because it's so new. Or maybe the old stuff was so worn out it became too easy.

Either way I'm now knackered.

Loving some of the new stuff though.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
I walked a little over 3 miles today, and took a 60 minute vinyasa flow class tonight.
LikeAustralia, your consistency is really inspiring. Congratulations on the weight loss, too!

Today - 2.5 miles on the treadmill in ~35 minutes; mostly walking with short running intervals
Aw, thanks badgercurls! I find that if I'm not consistent, I just won't do it at all, so doing it every day just works best for me.

Wednesday AM: abs + 35mins elliptical. I've moved up the resistance to an interval program that alternates between levels 5-7 of resistance. I've just started this this past weekend and it is definitely harder than my previous 2-4 level intervals, but it feels good that I can "move up" to a harder program.
Rest of the week plan:
Tonight - ashtanga yoga (done - approx 1:45)
Tomorrow - cardio of some sort (sort-of - walked quite a bit)
Saturday - ashtanga (overslept - boo!)
Sunday - rest day

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Thursday, Friday: 30mins elliptical + abs
Saturday: 45mins elliptical + abs, arms, back and chest
Sunday: abs + 35mins elliptical
Monday: abs + 35mins elliptical
Yesterday: 10 minutes cross trainer, 15 minutes rowing, 10 minutes cross trainer again, 20 minutes treadmill

Today: Knackered back (I think it was the rowing) so no exercise.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
90 minutes yoga yesterday, planning to go to yoga again tomorrow night

Hopefully some kind of cardio today, but it depends on my energy level. I have been SO tired lately.
Tuesday: 35mins elliptical + abs
Wednesday: 35mins elliptical + abs
Thurs: 35mins elliptical + abs
Fri: 35mins elliptical + abs

Might take tomorrow off.. calves are a bit sore from the increased resistance. We'll see.
I haven't been to the gym today because I have a cold. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow, depending on my colds progress.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.

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