Was Lean & Mean... Now FAT SLOB-- NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

I am a vegetarian and normally very slender to skinny, but have recently put on great amounts of weight.

The doctors say it was the medication I was on and have only now changed it to something that won't react negatively with my metabolism.

As an adult, I have always worn a size 2 or 4 but since this happened am about 25 pounds heavier so I am looking for excercises suggestions that can slim hips thighs and tummy zone.

A friend suggested incorporating 20-30 minutes of treadmill with 30 minutes of weights. And also Yoga... Will this work???

Are there any foods that reportedly help the body burn calories faster?-- Like spinach or more tofu? Any other suggestions would be great!

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I can sympathize. After maintaining a good, healthy weight for many years, I went on a medication that made me gain about 25 pounds in less than a year. It sucks!

I'm off the med now, and still working on losing the last 10 pounds. It's never been so hard to lose weight. I think it's partly because my metabolism is still readjusting from the meds.

I agree with your friend that 20-30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill will help. This is what helped me [well, I walk and run outside]. Yoga and weightlifting, while both great, won't help as much with weight loss. Their affects are one step removed, because they're increasing muscle mass, which will help burn more fat, but not directly.

I did yoga exclusively for 4 months or so and lost very little weight before I realized that unless I did some walking/running, the weight wasn't going to go away. Once I added that component in, things started to really happen.

Keep in mind that if you build mucle mass, your scale weight might not shift as much. If you're only using a scale to measure your progress, this can be discouraging. This is why I use a tape measure in addition to scales.
I think your friend's suggestion is a good one. It's a pretty balanced approach. You need the cardio to burn the calories and help your heart, and you also need the weights to increase muscle mass and look better as you lose weight. And yoga will help with flexibility (and possibly add some cardio benefit if you choose an active yoga style). Yoga can also be helpful if you tend to eat when stressed.
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I lost weight/toned with yoga, but I was doing it 4-6x a week 1 1/2 hours a day and it was a very vigorous type of yoga (ashtanga). And it was verrrrry slooowww. If you are doing a gentler form of yoga such as iyengar or hatha, it will help with flexibility, posture and improved breathing, but there's nothing really cardio about it.

I'm in a similar boat as I have re-gained all the weight I lost 3 years ago in less than 6 months. Good luck!
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Boy, can I identify with all of you. I had lost 50 lbs. and kept it off for 3 years. Then my neck surgery kicked up, and the gym went out the window for a few months. Then I got back to a reasonable weight and got sick with pneuomonia. You would think that I would of lost weight, but noooooo, I gained. For me, exercise is key. The food falls into place when I'm out making an effort to CARE about myself.

My worst enemy is the couch.

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Thanks guys, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

I have been working out for about a month now and although my muscle tone seems to be improving, I haven't seen much weight loss. I am hoping to lose the weight in the next six months, but with my slow rate of loss it may take 12-14 months to lose all the weight.

Does anyone know of any weightloss aids in addition to the working out?

I was thinking of trying a fast like one of those liquid cleansing diets, has anyone tried those with success?

I keep reading about them and it sounds like it might work. I think that's what ana nicole did, although my friend says she was on drugs and lost weight...
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What's your exercise routine so far, if I may ask?
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liquid diets make you loose weight, but once you go back to solid foods. you gain it all back. In some cases, even more than before. It sould not be used as a weight loss tool. For cleansing - yes.
I agree with Webjockey. I think there are many others things that you could try that would be more effective and help you maintain long term weightloss.
I do my yoga right before I do my gym workout then i do cardio for 20-30 minutes and then I do ab crunches and lastly weights (arms shoulders & legs).

I was doing it 3x week, but am going to up the anty to 5x week or twice daily 3x week . i'm still deciding. Which do you think is better...

I was thinking of the liquid diet thing to flush the system. I hear of some people fasting periodically to deep cleanse the system and thought it might be worth a shot, but am def. planning to keep up with the work outs.
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If it's just to cleanse, then I don't think it could hurt. As for the workouts, I would say to do five times a week instead of twice a day three times a week. I just think it's easier to fit in the two extra days than to find the time to work out twice in one day. Or you could increase your daily cardio to 45 minutes a day, and also increase the intensity. That will kick start the weight loss.
I'd suggest trying to get the cardio up to 5 times a week if you can fit it in, and maybe increase the duration. Don't do weights every day -- your muscles need a day off in between.

Also, don't forget to do the little things like using stairs instead of the elevator, walking more, etc. Those things can add up.
Thanks Su, everyone!

I had a pretty good workout this morning and am going to try to do the 5day/week routine. It just seems so odd to be this out of shape when i was always rail thin... but, no time for tears, like Webjockeyguide, Ares and the other ladies said it will take time and consistency and that's what I'm going to try to establish a solid routine that I can maintain wherever I am.

Just to jump start things I may do a modified diet. I'm a veggie, but I might go semi-vegan for the next six months just to get things going.
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