Will Squats plus Treadmill Trim INNER Thighs?

This is really funny. I'm not over weight but I got sick a few weeks ago and my muscle mass turned to jelly literally.

I was smal and angular, but am now squishy if that makes sense. i can fit all of my clothes, etc, but I don't look the same undressed. Has anyone else had this problem from illness or medicine affecting their 'tone'?

Anyhow, the worst of it seems to be my inner thighs, they look like jello...

Will squats tone inner thigh muscles? I am also going to start doing treadmill to tone the legs again and I have been doing some push-ups as well for the arms. Do you think that will be enough?

I'm not sure what else to do. I've always had very good natural muscle tone and I guess the bed rest screwed me up... I'm the same size, but not the same build...

Will the squats do more for definition or the treadmill or should i just do both to be safe?
I do not know about a treadmill since I never used one. I am more of a in-home video exerciser.

So for videos, I would sugest: pilates (I really like Windsors Buns and thighs video) , Callanetics, Bar Method (these and the Callanetics are viewed as being VERY boring to some) and Pilates ring workouts. That is if you would like to try videos.

As for as exercises are concerned
*Traditional squats and lunges
*Plie squats are excellent for targeting the inner thighs http://www.cathe.com/plie_squats.htm
*Inner thigh leg lifts
*Lying on the your back while squuezing a small pillow or a ball between your knees, while squeezingyour thighs and butt upward and in.
*Lie on your side, propped up on your elbow, legs stacked on top of each other. Lift the top leg slightly, then lift the lower leg up to meet it and keep pulsing.
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thanks mochachino!

I just got 2 rodney yee videos yoga for abs, upper body and an ana coban mat pilates intermediate workout video!

I might try the windsor pilates as well, although the ana coban pilates gives you quite an overall workout, but I do want to emphasize the lower body and I will def. try those excercises you mentioned!

Do you think it will take a long time to get back into shape? I hear that for women it's much harder to tone the body than for men. Why is that?
I hope I'll be ok by july intime for a little summer fun...
Squats and lunges in various forms i.e., w/ weights, w/o weights, lifing one heal, then the other, lunging back and forth accross the floor, reverse lunges, will tone your thighs the fastest.

A treadmill is best for cardio which will help burn fat and therefore slim your thighs as well. Use a steep incline and it will help define your legs and buns a bit too.
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Your inner thigh is formed from the muscles in your hamstrings so try to find exercises that will focus on that muscle grouping.

Edited to Add: I just realized this thread was started almost a month ago. Oh well, better late than never. Hope you found something that works for you.
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I think the treadmill and stationary bike will help with overall slimming down and the yoga and leg lifts will haelp with definition...
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