Why are there so many Weight Loss Pills???

I can't believe how many commercials for weight loss pills there are!!! I especially hate the one that claims to be the "Feel Good Pill that helps you lose weight"!!!
And the one where Anna Nicole Smith walks down the aisle with the couple!!!

None of this can be healthy!
2a/3a fine but lots of it. Just above my shoulders.
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Short answer is because there's a huge market for them.
I know you're right. I just keep thinking people will learn these things don't work
2a/3a fine but lots of it. Just above my shoulders.
they are not regulated by the USDA.

basically all they are just caffeine anyway
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sometimes people just want to do what they think is easier. they may not know that it won't work because for all the research that shows that x doesn't work, someone will come along and say that x is shown to work so the result is inconclusive. there really are people who have used diet pills and say that they have worked. i don't do pills so i can't speak from personal experience.
Join Date: Dec 1999
Posts: 6,579
I think there are diet pills that give their promised effects, the problem is that those effects usually come at a price. They may require a permanent commitment, which in itself might be dangerous because of all the side effects of the pills, or they may do what they say for a while, and stop working no matter how much the person takes or for how long.

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