Pro-line greaseless gel pomade

Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere I can get Pro-line greaseless gel pomade in the UK?

It's driving me mad, I can't find it and its the only stuff that works for me.
GMBS hair seems to have it.
Just FYI - last year, I ordered 3 ponytails fromt hem. I received 2 with a note that the third was on back order, but they never sent the last one. My friend ordered from them too, but had no problems.

i LOVE this pomade, and was looking for it myself. i used to use it about 10 years ago, but haven't seen it in the last 5 - i wondered if they quit making it.

Good luck.
It looks like they stopped doing it

So now I'm looking for an alternative. Anybody have any clues?
Passion fruit paste by world of curls. It's pricey, but works even better than that pomade did. I was searching for an alternative and stumbled across our old old exchanges. You can find it on Amazon, target and Sally.

If anyone has an idea for an alternative though.... I was hopping to find a home made version.

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