grew my hair out a little...cut it off and now i want to again.

Reminds of the days I had waves. They were sick but I grew out of it
This is my hair now.

The back always looks a little rough how can u define the curls some more?
^^ add some conditioner to that section or use a gel
i grew my hair out for about 3 or 4 months getting it trimmed every 2 weeks or so... no one is my family liked it but i really did. listening to others i decided to cut it off but now i regret it. to only make matters worse my little brother began to grow his hair out when i cut mine and EVERYONE loved it. i want to grow my hair out again with my curls looking like his. is it possible? also, i have dry hair and scalp. what can i do to achieve this look?

I have on the Blue Shirt and my brother the green shirt.
Originally Posted by cb11

I know EXACTLY how you feel! Both me and my brother grew out our hair and he recently cut it but I still love mine. I've been growing it for about 7 months and get compliments all the time. However, most of the people in my family tell me I need to cut it and some have even made fun of me saying my hair was a wig (NEVER THAT) However, I never let anyone get me down about it cause I know it looks good. If you want to, I think you should definetly grow out your hair again - at the end of the day its up to YOU what you want to do with your hair. Your the one that has to live with it!

here's a pic of my hair that I took today to show you how much I have:

Uploaded with
Hi Mixedkid_alize...I absolutely love your hair! Me and you have similar hair types and I want mine to look like yours. Like you, i am also a 3b-3c...anyway...I have been growing mine for only 2.5months now since my last haircut. What products do you like for your hair? What do u recommend since we do have similar hair types?
I noticed that when i leave my hair alone and don't put grease and stuff in it, my hair LOVES it. Seems like grease and oils mess my hair up to an extent. What has been your experience?

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