getting healthy curls back

Hey guys! my brother hates his hair and always brushes, combs, blowdries, etc it out it's fairly frizzy, particularly by the hairline where it wants to curl the most. He's got delicate, fine hair probably 2b or 2c, but its hard to tell. I believe he could be 3a like me. he likes to dye it occassionally, although hopefully i've broken him of that... Right now he just does regular shampoo/conditioner (i think with pantene). any tips on products or anything? also any haircut ideas for a 2c look? hes got it long now, but i think if i get him to go curly he'll want it cut. oops, almost forgot, we need volume here! his is super flat.
What's the desired results?
Is he looking for a long term routine or just something different for the moment?

Is his hair bush-frizz curly and dry or is he satisfied with the condition and texture?

Personally I had to stop using Pantene because it has ingredients that are not beneficial for long term healthy hair.

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definitely long term. its dry and frizzy, and he's not satisfied, just considers it better than the curls, so i'm trying to help get it healthy. thanks!
Well if he doesn't like his naturally curly hair then he should flat iron it. He's the one who has to wear it. If he's more confident with straight hair then there's not a lot you can do to convince him to stay curly.

Try reviewing some pictures of curly guys and see if he finds one with similar hair color and shape that he would want to achieve. That's a good starting point...going after an "inspiration piece" hair style.

Either way the routine for healthy long term hair is to cut down on shampoo everyday and increase conditioning. He can try shampoo maybe once a week and use conditioner only during his daily shower. That's a simple starting place and you can learn more about what types of conditioner or shampoo works best for him over time.

Personally I say NO to conditioners and shampoos that contain ingredients than end in or contain dimethicone, dimethiconol, sulfate ingredients, sodium hydroxide, or -hydes.

If he tries to improve his curls then he will need to use a hydrating/moisturizing leave-in conditioner after every wash.

If he decides to flat iron then he will need a ceramic flatiron and a good dimethicone containing heat spray. He should wash his hair and use a conditioner that contains dimethicone. Then add more conditioner combing all the way through and then let dry completely. After it dries then he can start spraying with the heat guard and be sure to always spray each section of hair right before it goes through the straightener. Use a comb to guide and spread the hair as it glides into the flat iron. Don't flat iron more than once and don't flat iron too fast. Also don't flat iron too slow or he might boil the water in his hair which will damage it beyond repair.

Chief Software Engineer & Web Developer

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