men wavy hair questions

Hii, I have wavy hair type 2b I think, right now is kind of short, at ear's lenght, or a little bit shorter.... But I want it longer, just a bit... like I'd like my hair to fall over the ears...
I have a question regarding the shower, I take a shower everyday, and I use shampoo everyday, and a 2-3 min. masque every 2 days or so... I don't know If that's all right? because I read that the hair should be washed 2 or 3 times a week, but I sweat almost everyday because it's really hot now in Spain so i don't know...
I have another problem with the mousse, I use pantene pro-v extra-hard... so in the front, it seems fine at the beginning, but 5 min later, when it gets a little harder, it doesn't look cool anymore so i don't know what I have to do in the front.... what do you recomend? I only use shampoo, masque, and the mousse....
thanks a looot for the answeeerss ........
Make sure your hair is wet when applying the mousse and also work in a good amount of it. You can also try adding some more of your conditioner in with the mousse.

You can shampoo as much as you like but keep in mind shampoo can be very damaging. I suggest conditioner only method and save shampoo for once or twice a month.

The natural oils and moisture from sweat can be a good thing. Next time just use conditioner and rinse it out. Don't shampoo just cause you sweat. Also, you can find a conditioner that suds up then use that as your shampoo instead of traditional shampoo.

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