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Curly/ natural hair men are more attracted to natural hair women. I am just curious about the male perspective on the matter. As a woman I know that that is Definitely on my must-have list when i am attracted to a man.
What do you think?
Curly/ natural hair men are more attracted to natural hair women. I am just curious about the male perspective on the matter. As a woman I know that that is Definitely on my must-have list when i am attracted to a man.
What do you think?
Originally Posted by Nini_luv5
I like women with natural hair, i understand thhat those with 4 type hair have a harder time keeping it natural but i've seen some that take good care of it and looks good. And i REALLY REALLY hate when they smell like chemicals, sorry if you are one of those girls
No not me at all
I've never used chemicals in my life
=) well you know this topic can go on and on. I am attracted to women who sport the natural look yet I still understand each side that people argue.

I am a man of understanding so I know people like to switch things up and express every side of their selves; However, something about relaxed and permed hair just makes me look down on the person wearing it. Mainly because I feel they might not recognize the natural beauty that is them.

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And good that you point out that it works both ways because too many guys turn to chemicals too not just the ladies.

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For me I can't look at it from both sides . A guy chemically processing his hair = epic fail
I agree I am not into my man going through a chemical process,that is not cute.

I think it depends on the man. I know some men dreaded up that tell me I need to local up or do something to my hair. I don't think I have dated a real natural man before.
I'm dating one currently and I feel were closer because we an experience this lifestyle together. I recommend It
Alrite Iam the 50/50 guy I like women who can take care of there hair...natural is nice but it just has to look good and I can touch it plus it's versatile. she can straighten it when she wants to switch up..I love curly hair girls....but on the other hand girls wit relaxer are ok they can rock the straight style which is fast and simple but sometimes i feel the flat iron and blow dry to much work nd time consuming ....my verdict is curly hair rock but I also I like relaxed girls
if i could have full control over the matter, i would have a natural madame. one who loves and embraces their curls... i'd love it, good curl days & the not so good, just as i have those myself, and i believe it would bond us even more.

when i'm out now, i notice and watch the natural hair girls. the ones running around with permed or weave, etc, it's a slight turn off for me... and i always picture them with various natural curls, and i just see beauty.
products: after everything I've tried & loved, I'm now down to just using yes to carrots conditioner. i actually just rub it on my hair while dry, get my hair moisted up with just that, then carefully finger comb/seperate sections of my hair (takes about 15-20 minutes). after that, i hope in the shower, let the water hit and shake-rinse my hair and massage my scalp. once out, i simple let my hair air dry. every now and then, i'll use a diffuser.

btw, pardon my all lower case. i just love 'em.
I also realize every woman cant afford the $200-$400 wigs lol

And because I have good taste :P I prefer to either see natural hair that has been "slaved" for or extremely expensive wigs like the kind Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston used to wear.

I cant really get with the Beyonce curly wig. It does a poor job of imitating natural ... IDK but it still looks cheap and fake cause she's trying to make it attention grabbing. Its too loud for hair but then again shes probably trying to compete for Riahanna or Minaj fan base.

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This is very interesting but not surprising afterall you guys are on NC and see the beauty in diversity.
This is very interesting but not surprising afterall you guys are on NC and see the beauty in diversity.
Originally Posted by ttlolla
Ikr? Where are all the guys like these in real life?
last relaxer 08/08/09
all natural since 7/30/10

Shrinkage happens.
I was not aware of this whole debate until Naturally Curly, but had noticed that some black chicks had straight hair and some had curlier hair. I looked at the Tyra Banks episode on youtube re the whole natural not natural debate.

In my opinion, natural is great. Not natural is also great. I think the dependent factor is motivation. Meaning, if the person is motivated to do either general style for themselves and to please themselves then great. If either general style (natural or not natural) is due to pressure to fit in, then neither is so great. I am supportive of natural hair because as a man with curly hair, and being mixed ethnicity, I have run into stereotyping myself and can understand the "fit in" pressure, while not belonging entirely to either world.

No matter how it's cut, we're all Africans, some of us have just wandered farther from home than others, or had a long journey away from Africa through the generations. I think if your hair reflects a more direct/recent African background, you should wear it with pride. I also think that if you want to style your hair in a way that is a little farther from Africa (if you have hair that reflects a more direct/recent African background), you should do it.

I think over-all that the Black and Native Pride movements have been good in the United States, because they have helped move this country beyond some prejudices (sadly yes they are still found) in the mainstream. I think one of the "final frontiers" in this respect is the business world. I think, sadly, that unfortunately in too many circumstances "looking professional" means "looking 'white'". This is a no go for me. To me, it reflects a history of bigotry in many parts of the country (U.S.) where being darker-complexioned was a ticket straight out the door and out of opportunities for wealth. The Black and Native Pride movements have done a good job of bringing hidden history to light, and encouraged mixed people who "cannot pass" to look at their roots/heritage/history and figure out why certain in-grained attitudes actually represent self-hate.

In the South of the U.S., for around 200 years mixed European and American Indian peoples could not admit to the American Indian part of their ancestry because they would lose any land on which they were, and be forced into "towns" (which were more like interment camps), and American Indians in many places were just not recognized as existing at all in the laws of many states. Like-wise, mixed backgrounds of other types were equally destructive to opportunity. Hair has played a large identifier in this whole problem. Looking too much one way or the other equaled opportunity or lack thereof. I think these types of circumstances led to the definitions of "professional" that exist today. I think it was to show from the perspective of the power-elite who was considered part of the power-elite and who the power-elite considered to be the enemy to the retention of that power.

I think by just letting ones' hair be natural, and making it not be natural sometimes can help change this out-dated image of "professional". In this way in-grained self-hate can be reduced and healthy self-love can be encouraged.

Personally, I think that the out-dated image of "professional" is on the way out, and I say "Thank the heck-goodness" that it is. I think too that being professional means, presenting the natural body in an up-standing way with an open and honest demeanor. I think expressing natural hair lets one be professional, in the definition I present, much more than with not natural hair. At the same time, having not natural hair possibly allows one to present a more creative side. The point regarding creativity, is why I think not natural hair is okay too. In these cases natural and not natural hair is motivation dependent, but both would stem from the same theme: self-determination of out-come.

Don't be afraid to show you. Don't be afraid to express that through your hair.

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