My hair?

For a long time I've wondered what my hair would look like at about shoulder length. I never grew it out that long because I didn't have the patience. But now I do, but I would like to know ahead of time, what my hair will look like, so based of the pictures below......What type of curls do i have (Type 2,3,4?) and can my hair naturally look like his --->

Here's my curls

Snapshot_20110302_5 by tonyspinners, on Flickr

Snapshot_20110302_4 by tonyspinners, on Flickr

Snapshot_20110302_3 by tonyspinners, on Flickr

Snapshot_20110302_2 by tonyspinners, on Flickr

photo (21) by tonyspinners, on Flickr

photo (23) by tonyspinners, on Flickr

photo (7) by tonyspinners, on Flickr
3a/b..and yes with your texure it should result similar to the pic u posted
I think 3b. It should look awesome long. Maybe a little tighter than that but still great.
Rake and shake, Scrunch and plop!

you curls are adorable XD

i have no information tha would be helpful so this is a total spam post XD

yes I AM a girl on the guys thread....cause i'm just rebelious like that XD

mulatto makes me think of capochino....

wow i suck at spelling....well byes! XD

don't ask cause i have NO idea hahahahaha O.o
3C/4A mix (Seriously it's all over the place)
Hair is kinda fine and kinda thick.
Super short, I'd like definition but styling products don't like me

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I'm pretty sure I found my EXACT type of hair ‪The Messenger Stops by a Hair Salon‬‏ - YouTube
Originally Posted by MulattoCurls
My hair is probably curlier actually
My impression is your hair probably won't look like his but will certainly look terrific in its own right.

Your curls look distinctly looser to me (3b-ish) whereas his is almost classically a head of 3c curls begging to turn into a majestic Jewfro (like mine haha) under the right circumstances: humidity, wrong hair product, excess wind ... .

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I think it would look great long...just try it out! Awesome hair!
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