When I get out of the shower after washing my hair I comb it, my hair is a 2c/3a
Should I keep doing it or let it be when wet?

Also, what is a good conditioner to make my hair grow long?

For straight-haired people combing when dry is best. For us, unfortunately if you are going to comb, do it wet. Depending on level of formality and length, don't comb it, it will dry in a natural curl pattern. Depending on how conservative an area you live in, this may or may not be a problem. People ask me whether I am going for the John Lennon look when I don't comb and just let it dry naturally. I tell them, no this is how my hair is. I get some looks after I say this, but it is a mostly straight-blond-haired blue-eyed area where I live, and I don't look like them at all to begin with, so I just shrug it off.

There's nothing with the aforementioned look, it's just where I live, not looking like that picks one automatically as an outsider and that equals strike one. But back to topic, comb wet gingerly or don't even comb. Curly hair precludes combing to some degree I think. We just have low-maintenance hair of which some straight-haired people are jealous lol.

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