My thick hair :(

Well, I'm black, not mixed race and have naturally pretty thick hair as the title says. I've put a texturizer in my hair before but it ended up leaving my hair quite broken so I'm obviously very reluctant to use another but are their other alternate ways that I can really loosen my hair without damaging it?

I like to use Dax wax but where my hair is so thick I can style it in such a way but it never holds as a result.
Actually, found a useful thread on here already, someone was looking to get a certain style and this picture was shown in the thread which is almost exactly what I want.

So, has he had his hair twisted? If anyone would know, what exact process should I be going through and what moisturising products should I possibly be using?

You could do a braid out or 2 strand twist

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wish i knew the answer, but unfortunately i don't.. hopefully somebody can help you out asap!!
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a lot people have used henna to loosen their curl pattern ..but with that being sai it can also give you..a red-ish color to your head.
If you have his hair length you can just use your fingers and twist the hair around. Just make sure to twist a lot of them so it looks full. You can probably get away with just using water and whatever conditioner is already on your hair from the last time you styled it.

This is a pic of me when I used to wear it similarly though my hair was probably shorter than yours.


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