Need help on getting this hairtyle

Hello all, I'm new to this site and have been wanting to achieve this hairstyle for a while now and I figured this was the best place to ask. My hair type is very similar to the one in the pic I just need the right cut and know how to go about styling it. The way it is right now it just tends to curl at the bottom and frizz or poof up at the top. I would probably take the picture to the stylist but can anyone tell me how to describe the cut in case I didn't have the picture and have any tips on how to style it and what products to use? Lastly what hair type would this be considered? Many thanks
Men light curly hairstyle with long curly bangs.JPG
bump, somebody help him! if I knew I would help, but I have no idea...
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Idk it looks like his bangs are straightened,probably with a flat looks like he has wavy hair...try taking it to a salon or a beauty college maybe they'll tell you have to style it.

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Large Rollers maybe?
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