Is it possible to style my hair (pics)

If I was asked to choose between the words wavy, curly, or frizzy to best describe my hair, I would have to choose all three. In my experience, it is near impossible to style it. When it gets long the hair does not fall, it grows out. I've always envied guys who were able to style their hair. I've always just kept my hair short, and i usually don't put any gel or anything like that in my hair because I hate what it looks like when the gel dries. It looks like I have a jerry curl. I do like what it looks like when I get out of the shower, because I am able to style it a little. I'm sorry if I'm rambling but I'm looking for suggestions on things I can do to style it, whether it's product(s) or whatever. I'll be able to provide any more information. I know I really didn't give much to go on.

Since your hair gets the jheri curl look using gel, something lighter like a styling cream or a leave-in or rinse out conditioner might work better. I use leave in conditioner as my styler and the result is hair that keeps it's curl but also isn't stringy or crunchy looking. HTH
+1 to Lanisha's comment. I also think that if that does not work then you may want to try a slightly heavier product to give your hair a little weight which may help it hang. Otherwise, I'm curious as to how long you have let your hair grow? Sometimes people with curly or wavy hair won't really start to see a curl pattern until it gets longer. I have different hair from you BUT I will see it took months of growth before I saw my curl pattern or that it started to "hang" at all.

Also, styling it to hang by combing down instead of up or out may "train" your hair to perform differently too. Hope this helps!
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I've gone over a year without a haircut, and I grow an afro when I do that. Very tight, frizzy curls. When it's long like that it only falls when it is wet. I normally keep it short because of the way it grows. I'm going to try your suggestions and see how they go. I'm sick of not being able to do anything with my hair!
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If you're a curly guy and would like to be featured then check out the Contact page and hit me up!

Favorite products:
Shampoo: KC Come Clean
Conditioner: Tresemme Naturals
Styling: Donna Marie Dream Curling Cream, EcoStyler Gel (pink)

*intense look*

your hair looks fluffy and soft.

that all I really got so....
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When you've used gel, did you SOTC after it dried? Maybe that would help with not leaving you with a jheri curl look.

I'm thinking you have to experiment with more, different styling products. Perhaps a good curl enhancing cream or serum would work better for you. I have AG Recoil in my rotation of stylers, and my curl pattern really pops when I use it (maybe because of the magnesium sulfate in it?), but it doesn't leave my hair with a product-y feel. I agree with the suggestion that a styler with a little weight to it might help.

Surely there are lots of curlies here on who have hair similar to yours and who have found the styling products that work well for their hair properties and curl patterns. Surfing around here and checking other people's sig blocks for the products they're using will give you ideas on what to try.

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Sometimes we don't know what's possible until someone does it for us first. But sometimes we have to experiment on our own.

If I were you I would first get my sides tapered by the barber and then go home and wet the hair with a small amount of water just enough to admen it.

Then, work a tiny tiny amount of your favorite conditioner toward the scalp part of the hair. Then only on the very tip of the hair-ends work in the gel by rubbing it into your palms and then onto the hair in slight sweeping motions across your sections.

Actually, I don't recommend gel anymore but you can substitute the above method by just using a small amount of hair conditioner in place of gel.


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