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Hey, there,
I've got pretty flat curly/wavy hair and have a standard routine. My boyfriend, however, does not.
He's growing his hair long. He has curly/almost kinky hair, it's reddish, and very dry. It's at the point where it's somewhere between a fro and Einstein. He uses whatever shampoos and conditioners I keep at his apartment, and won't use products. It's at the length where it's dreading if he doesn't comb it every few hours, and while I wouldn't mind dreads, he doesn't really want them. His hair is excessively dry, and just downright big.
What sort of shampoos and conditioners would work? He has a lot of hair. A lot.
Thank you!!
When its wet and has conditioner you should have him comb it out and braid it then rinse his hair out and let the braids dry.Then unbraid the hair when its all dry,and it should be much more managable.

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Honestly if he doesn't care about products like that he could just use cheap conditioners like suave or Vo5. From my experience they don't leave lingering smells and they make combing out your hair much simpler. And I totally agree with the poster above me, I always let my hair air dry in twists or a bun before wearing it out, otherwise it tangles over itself while drying. I never "wash n go", so I never have bad knots/tangles. That's probably what's happening to him. Good luck

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