Does my boyfriend have options besides an afro?

My boyfriend wants to do *something* with his hair, but he isn't sure what his options are for his hair type. Honestly we are not sure what his hair type even is.

When his hair grows out, it more or less forms an afro which he doesn't want. He does not like the rounded look it forms. He isn't necessarily interested in growing his hair longer, though he isn't opposed either if he likes the style, but he does want something with more texture/variety than what his hair has right now.

He also prefers to avoid a lot of products, in particular ones that are not natural. He is okay with gentle, natural products if necessary. He would definitely prefer something easy to maintain.

We look forward to learning about how to take care of his hair, and some new things to try out!!
Tapered hair cut will help with the round shape and I recommend Shea moisture products they 100% natural so he might like being able to pronounce all the ingredients
How about one of those low fro-hawks?
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Yeah, kind of tapered would work - shorter at back and sides etc. If he really wants something different he could get a 'hair tattoo' in the side or both sides of a short back and sides style (where a shape is shaved into it.) I saw a guy with very short hair with swirls shaved all over it - looked pretty cool. The hair has to be really short (ideally about 4 or 5mm) or they get lost and don't look very sharp.
Well try a temp fade I've done many cut with my hair but I'm going back to a temp fade especially for curly hair

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