Can't decide...

This is my first post here, and I really had no idea such a thing as this existed. But I'm glad it does, because I a have a dilemma...

My girlfriend (in picture 1) likes my hair like it's shown in picture 1. I like my hair as shown in picture 2 (a bit longer, kinda all over the place - controlled chaos - with streaks of highlighted blond.

She's adamant that the way she likes it looks better. (Short, boring and worthless. I can't do anything with it!)
I'm adamant that the way I like it looks better. (A bit longer, style-able, highlighted)

What do y'all think? (Anyone's opinion is valid, just looking for a neutral party's opinion).

Pic1 (she likes it even shorter than this, but I couldn't find a decent pic. You get the idea though)


I like picture 2. I like when a guys hair is kind of mussed, almost just woken up looking, piecy but not a lot of product.

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Yup, I have to agree with the other posters....i think it looks better longer.
Picture 2.

It might look good even looser and wilder, when the waves really show.

Not sure how best to handle the feelings of your gf, though. I always like it when people are in favor of letting one's freak flag fly.

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