hello curltalk i've been lurking your site for a couple days now and finally decided to ask you guys for help. see i've been letting my hair grow for the first time in...ever (always had crew cut before) and i love the way it looks but i now notice what is probably day 1 stuff to you guys but regular shampoos and regular bath towels = nightmare for my hair and makes it all straight and frizzy. asked a friend of mine how to take care of it and she gave me a small packet of aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor which worked great for defining my curls but also made my hair dense and as my hair started to air dry there was some frizz coming (i live in florida so the weather is usually hot and humid) and that happens with usually everything i try. if i leave my hair alone for a while it looks ok and has way more volume and produces its natural grease and all that but im terrified to do anything with it in the shower and scared to try scrunching with a ts shirt cuz it feels like i lose all definition if i even touch my hair while it is wet otherwise it gets all dense and frizzy and straight and matted and all that bad stuff which is the opposite of what i want (most volume and curl definition i can get and less knots) sorry for rambling on but i.e. im a newbie and i would love to learn the basics and from what i've read i might be a 3c?
first 2 pics are what it looks like now
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