What do you think my hairtype is?

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Trying to figure out what my hairtype is for awhile now. Help?

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Looks like some 4a/b/c it's hard to really tell until you've grown out your hair
That is so RUDE!!!

Have you not even bothered to read the forum rules before joining?

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^ I'm not sure what I did that was rude.

Anyway, my hair is about 3 or 4 inches right now (stretched). Still not sure about my hairtype (I think it may be between the 3's and 4's). Will post some pictures later

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on what type of products I should use for my hair?

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You weren't rude. Def in the 4 category as your curls are small in circumference. I don't have suggestions on products because you need to work out your hair properties etc (loads on the site to tell you how) and then it's just trial and error. One feature of 4 category hair though, is that as it is so coily the natural oils don't travel down the shaft very well and so it can become very dry. The products you do use should be moisturising. I'm no expert but this is
what I have learnt from reading these forums over the years. Have a snoop around here and you'll find loads of helpful info and people.
You weren't rude at all but there are threads that are specially for asking what your hair type is. Hth.

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