CG Method on a guy with straight hair!

Hi everyone, my name is Scott and I'm from the UK. Firstly I would like to say how informative and helpful this site is!
Now, I have a confession, my hair is straight, medium density and there is a lot of it so it appears thick. For years I have tried my best to make it look nice by using various products both from the drugstore/highstreet and also salon/high end stuff. My hair tends to be naturally dry all over and wiry around the hairline, it also has a lot of volume and some frizz if I leave it to its own devices. I have never truly achieved the results I was aiming for in the past with my hair and because of this I recently decided to do some research online to try and figure out once and for all how to get the results I want. I changed my shampoo to sulphate free and my conditioner to a silicone free variant (L'Oreal EverSleek). I also started using a concoction of natural oils (Redken Diamond Oil Intense) as a leave-in to eliminate frizz and retain moisture. This new routine made a noticeable difference but I'm not completely satisfied with the results. Although my hair appears smoother and doesn't get greasy as quick, the texture and feel of the hair is not as smooth as I'd like it to be. I think that shampoo (any shampoo) is simply too harsh for my hair. In light of this, I have decided to move onto co-washing because I feel this will be gentle enough and will also cleanse my hair sufficiently. I have purchased As I Am Coconut CoWash as my cleanser but have not yet decided on a conditioner. I have a few in mind but my worry is that I will over condition my hair! (I can't bloody win) My question is, If I co-wash and use a moisturising rinse out conditioner afterwards but don't use oils or anything else as a leave-in, do you think that will be enough moisture for my hair to dry smooth and will it retain moisture? I understand that protein is used to counteract over conditioned hair, however, if I can maintain a balance in the first place that would be better. Thank you for reading this far and I hope I have made sense. Any help/advice/product recommendations is/are greatly appreciated.
Hmmmm. One thing is, your texture is your texture. It may never be what you are thinking of because that may not BE your texture. If you like the cowash, maybe just try co-wash and the As I am Leave in and skip a rinse out, depending on how your hair acts. Generally if there is frizz there is some wave in there. Some hair (wavies in particular) need more than co-washing and go low poo or super diluted sulfates. Some co-wash like every OTHER time or clarify once a week or so with a poo or low poo. So you see there are things to continue trying, but I guess if I were you, I'd try the As I Am leave in, skipping a rinse out. Then if it still feels like it needs conditioning you can add one in.
Are your strands coarse or close to it? Coarse hair is naturally dry and not as soft when compared to other hair textures even when it is moisturized and has shine. You will probably need a rinse out conditioner, but you might not need a leave in.

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