I need help!!

I've never suffered from single strands knot before... but ever since I texturized my hair 2yrs ago, it plagued me! I want to grow my hair out and can't afford to keep cutting my hair. Is there any solution to this horrid plague? Oh, and split ends is another prob for me.
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I hope it's not too late to help. Have you tried doing any deep treatments? Protein is an absolute necessity whenever hair has been chemically processed, but also moisturizing products to retain elasticity, and some oil to "seal" the moisture in.

Walk into a beauty supply and ask them to recommend something, the employees usually know the products pretty well. If you have a Sally's near you, go and ask for the Ion Reconstructor, it comes in packets that cost a little over $1, and if your hair's short one packet might even be enough for 2x. Make sure to leave the product in your hair at least 30 min. regardless of what it says in the directions.

Also, if you've been shampooing your hair, it would be better to switch to "co-washing" (washing with conditioner, but it has to be free of silicones), it's much more gentle on the hair.
I need help too! Just typed out a really long post with images to find out I can't post images yet. I don't have much to say as I'm clueless myself!
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William, what exactly is your problem or challenge? What is it that you want to accomplish and what type of hair do you think you have? Please also tell us the length of your hair, more or less, and what you are doing right now to care for it and I'll get right back to you.

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