How to manage my hair ?

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Ever since I wanted to grow my hair it's been a never ending war.

My hair is wavy on the front but 3B on the sides and back. Weird I know.
My problem is that I don't know how to dry it properly.

How it usually looks like when it's dry:
(poofy, frizzy...)

How it looks like when it's wet:

How it looks like on really RARE good hair days:

What basically want is

I don't have enough hair for it yet but I'm growing it.

I use a shampoo for damaged and dry hair (which contains sulfate, so I guess I should stop using it) and conditionner for dry hair too (that I rinse after around 20 minutes, I read here that I shouldn't ?)

Any recommendations about the routine I should follow ? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I didn't notice that the pictures went broken :x

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Every curly head usually has more than one type of curl, some people can have up to 3, so it's not "weird".

You'll probably benefit from "co-washing" and then using a LI, the same CO you wash with might work, lots of people like Suave's Tropical Coconut or any similar one, or VO5, the only thing is that they do not contain any oil, something to take into account if the hair's really dry or during the cold months. If that doesn't do it by itself, add some gel, I recommend L.A. Looks Wet Look, it's economic and very good at taming frizz. Start out with a small amount and then comb through your hair directing it as much as possible as it's in the pic and let it air dry. I suggest experimenting with the LI alone first on a day you can be home in case you don't like the way it looks after it dries.
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Seerch when looking for a gel read the ingredients on the back and for simplicity avoid any that have alcohol in them.

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