Hello can someone help me figure out my hair type

I'm not sure if it's 3b,3c or 4a.

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looks like 3c to me... hard to say for sure, though. The circumference comparisons might help you decide where you fall... and your hair could also be a combination. (3b=Sharpie marker, 3c=pencil, 4a= crochet hook)
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I'm not sure if it's 3b,3c or 4a.
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It looks like classic 3C to me, but like geekrockgirl said you could still be a mix of those curl types. For example, I have a band of 4A curls that's about 2 inches wide, and wraps from ear to ear with 3C curls above and below it.

Getting to know your properties may help you more- this is porosity, density, texture, and length. Again with myself as an example, I wasn't fully sure of my hair type until I worked out my porosity since I knew I had fine hair with medium length, and was able to get my moisture levels to an optimal point. (my other big problem was that I believed with my tightly curly hair type I needed to seal with oils, and with my porosity I've found that not using an oil to seal gives me better hair.) Then I became more sure about curl type most likely due to a routine that gave my hair what it needed the most.

I'd definitely say you have normal to high density hair just from your pictures, and right now ~medium length. Texture is just how big the circumference is of a single hair. Fine hair is kind of translucent and not easy to see when it sheds in my experience, coarse hair thick and very substantial, while medium hair is somewhere between fine and coarse. (I saw somewhere someone once comparing coarse texture to body hair as another way to reference it.) Porosity refers to how open or closed your cuticles are laying- low porosity hair = more closed cuticles; medium porosity = not too open, not too closed; and high porosity = more open, loses moisture easily.
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Thank you lolo I posted on another thread below this one with some more closer pictures of my hair so if you want to check those out feel free.
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3C is what I thought too.

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