What is my hair type?

Can I ask what hair type I have? I'm honestly not even sure if I have a curl pattern.

This is my hair after wash and 10 minute condition, moisturized. Do I have to condition longer? The front is different from the top. The hair on front looks like worms sadly.

I cannot post pics rn

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I'm not exactly sure on what your hair type is, so I could be wrong. But it looks like it's maybe a mix of 4b/4c. I can see in the front of your hair that you have little curls sprouting out. What hair products do you use?
None of the recommended "curl" products. Just got interested in hair care lool
-Head and Shoulders almond oil shampoo + conditioner
-V05 Strengthening Conditioner
To seal, I use ORS Olive Oil, and moisturizer is Sof n' free curl activator lotion

The little curls are also on the sides and back of my hair, but not on the top. Do I have to condition longer or is it always going to be a mix?
I definitely don't think that you should use the Head and Shoulders anymore. It has sulfates in it which is very drying to your hair. I'm not a fan of the V05 conditioners either, they made my hair tangle and didn't give it a lot of moisture. If moisture is what you're looking for, I recommend the Aussie Moist conditioner, and the Aussie Moist 3 minute Miracle deep conditioner. Both of them work AMAZING, they're also very cheap. I purchased each conditioner for like $5 each. But it does a great job of making your hair soft, and doesn't leave it feeling dry. The deep conditioner will help you out too because it'll give you even more moisture that your hair might need. I leave them on my hair for about... 20 to 30 minutes. So you should definitely leave it on longer. && try to co-wash your hair more instead of shampooing. I only shampoo once a week with a sulfate free shampoo. It prevents my hair from drying out.
Oh, and as far as the curls being a mix, that's normal. Many people have different textures throughout their hair. For example, my curls are a mixture of 3b/3c. As your hair gets longer, they'll begin to blend a lot more, and you'll be able to do certain protective styles such as twist outs, braid outs, etc that will give all of your curls a more uniformed look.

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