A girl who needs a curly man's opinion

Hi Guys!
I was wondering if anyone could please help with some suggestions on how to change my boyfriend's hairstyle? I love him, but I think he'd really benefit from a new do. He has curly hair and is so embarrassed by it. In fact he hasn't let me see it in it's natural state which he says is frizzy like the Kramer character on Sienfield.
I've asked him to let me take a look at it since I'm no stranger to frizz being a curly haired girl myself, but he still refuses. Instead, he insits on combing it into a way too long faux hawk that is stiff, dry, and unatural looking.
I think it would be great to free him from his daily rountine of always having to fix his hair or wearing caps instead. I know he's bothered by it and is tired of the whole ordeal. For example, the other week we went to an amusement park and after going on a couple coaster rides he kept asking me if his hair was "ok?" and then had a cap ready in case it wasn't.
I know how frustrating it can be not being able to find that right combo of a good cut and the right products to transform poofy crazy tumble weed hair into nice healthy curls. It took me years to get mine down and I'm still finding out things about it, but how do I get my boyfriend to move on? I don't want to be pushy with him or force him to change. I just want to gently suggest another route and see if he goes for it.
So please, if anyone has any tips on ways to approach the subject with him, products, styles, or anything related...I'd appreciate it.


i think the best thing to do is cut his hair off (buzz not bald) and start over, because all the stuff he does now is probably not good for his naturally curly hair. one he has done that and his hair begins to grow back, you can help him go CG (CGuy). it doesn't have to be as intense as the actual CG methods, but just the basics. like the right conditioner, a shampoo with no or low sulfates and a moisturizing lotion of some sort. unless he doesn't mind going futher.

i myself do this as well, i just stick to the basics on a day to day basis. and try some of the other suggested CG products here and there on weekends or free time.

seems to me, because he keeped asking if his hair was ok, that he has some interest in his hair. so you can just point him in the right direction, but don't bombard him with stuff (try this...try that) becuase this CG stuff can be quite overwhelming at first.

here is a site i found on different cuts for guys with curly hair. you could show it to him.

3b here 4a there 3c everywhere
talk about a mix up

elevator doors open...

random girl: ohhh, you have curly hair

elevator doors begins to close...

random girl's friend:i think he knows that already

elevator doors close...

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Dont push any styles on him cus he will probably think that something is really wrong with his hair and get even more insecure.

instead suggest some basic techniques to take care of his hair. For example, properly towel drying your hair can really help eliminate frizz.

I used to rub my hair dry, and now i gently blot and it makes a huge difference.

and tell him to experiment, now is the time! lol
Do his hair for him...in the shower...

He'll at least give this a try , most likely he just doesn't know how to handle his hair gently: separating his curls too much or something. I'm sure he'll be too distracted to worry about his hairstyle, plus maybe he'll learn something...

not sure if you're up to this, but it would be a fun way to try without making him feel self-conscious about it.
I have always been proud to be curly so have never tried to do anything drastic with my hair.

Perhaps it is indeed for the best to "reboot" (as we computer engineers would say) his hair as described by CurlLee. Once his hair grows again, simply let it style itself. He mustn't fight it, just run with it.

It's his attitude that needs straightening out, not his hair.

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