normal hair falling out? some other things too.

im not sure if my hair is falling out at a normal rate or if im slowly going bald...i may have to face the harsh reality of going bald someday but I would at least like some more time with my locks.

Also I'm kinda getting feed up with my hair Its driving me nutz. I work in a cold warehouse all day so my hair is constantly under a hat then when i take the hat off....its like...well ya know...very very unsightly. So im like at a witz end and when i take the hat off my hair is like so hard to run my hands through. I conditioned it just last night so I dont know please help.
well first you gotta remember that with curly hair, shed hair does not slip out during the day like people with straight hair. instead they get locked in among the curls, and don't unsually come out until you detangle your hair. with that being said most curly hair'd folk go a couple days without detangling thier hair and on average people loose 100 hairs a day. so you can get the picture of how many that would be if you went 3or 4 days with out combing out your hair.

second. about the hat issues. idk if i have much advice on this because i have the same problem. if i where a hat, it has to stay there the whole day because like you said, one i take it off its like wtf. so you may want to invest in a pic of some sort. and at the end of you work shift. hit the bathroom, wet you hair a bit and pic it out.
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talk about a mix up

elevator doors open...

random girl: ohhh, you have curly hair

elevator doors begins to close...

random girl's friend:i think he knows that already

elevator doors close...
I had no idea that much hair falls out, thats unbelieveable. I really appreciate that info.

I have pics but its like crazy...if i did that i'd be in the bath for like 15 mins trying to get my hair even all around, idk sure ill think of something. but thanks for the advice. have a good one!
Yeah i had to learn that your had to actually remove your shedded hair too lol. I thought i was doing something wrong and was ripping my hair out lol. But anyways...I too had/still have that problem with hats too and what i figured out might work for you too. First make sure your hair is completely dry before you do this because if it's not..your hair will dry in the shape of the hat and there's no coming back from that if you have to take your hat off for something lol. Anywho...put the hat on..and just let it sit on top of your hair..instead of your head. I put most of the pressure on the crown of my head. This works for me because i have thick hair so that hat won't move that much, unless a big gust of wind comes, and the curls on the crown and back of my hair doesn't get messed up easily at all, as much as the front part. And if this doesn't work for can also pin the hat to your head with a bobbypin. I've done that before. It'll just depend on what type of hat you wear. I personally don't wear the baseball hat types because i look like a clown with my curly hair sticking out on the sides. I stick to the fedora and winter type hats! Hope this helps!!
I think most men don't realise how much hair they lose per day. I definatly had the near panic attack moments of thinking i was balding when i was just starting to like my hair!!

I like to ski/snowblade when possible and i know all to well the horrors of hat hair. I now use a winter head band that covers my ears there are some really cool ones about and my head is still warm, after all hair is there for insulation!! The only downside is the wind gives me a mini-fro but to be honest i kind of like it!
hahaha yeah its funny how some days we try to keep your hair from fro-ing up and then other days we're like.."Hey..i kinda like this little fro i'm rocking!" lol
haha I completely agree with you both. I try to keep my hair nice and tight but when it fro's out I really like the way it looks.

also matman....I've seen guys with the type of head bands i think you're talking about but I haven't been able to find them anywhere...any ideas?? they look really cool and I'd really like to rock um.

Hey sorry for the late reply, i always forget where i've posted lol. I looked for ages on the internet for this type of headband and i am sure there must be some special name for them as its quite hard to find any. If you do any winter sports the shops usually sell them (it was in ski shops where i got mine). You could also try winter sports shops on the net. It's probably too late for you now but hey, better late than never!!
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just a concept but what if u flipped your hair over and put the hat on upside down i don't usually wear hats my hairs to big lol

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