Need Advice + Questions

Hey there,

So I'm a guy with curly hair, and I had a few problems. I like my hair, somewhat, but it takes hella time to get it the way it is seen (by other people).

Here's my routine: Shampoo twice a week, condition (SunSilk, the green bottle), get out, scrunch in leave-in conditioner (again sunsilk, the green bottle for curly hair) while hair is dripping wet, scrunch with paper towels or a cotton shirt, wait until hair is dried, wear the shirt I will be wearing that day, move curls to shape hair. Also, I try to deep condition every week .

Here are the problems:

I usually have to do the take off a shirt / wear the other one because it seems after I put even a little leave-in conditioner my hair becomes hard, sometimes it even looks like I put mad gel in it. The taking off / putting on of shirt gets the hair normal. Is this normal? Or am I doing something wrong?

The second one is, since I air dry my hair, even after the paper towels it takes about 2-3 hours for it do be dry and shaped without messiness later on as it dries more. Any tips to cut down on this time?

Third; could you guys say what type of hair mine is? I think its 3b but wanna hear from you all

Fourth; I usually have to take showers in the morning or take them at night but make it so my hair doesn't touch the pillow because when I sleep normally my hair is really messed up in the morning, beyond anything except washing could fix (and I mentioned the ridiculous drying time). Do you guys/gals have any cure for that?

Fifth; any suggestions for my routine or products?


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haha my dude thats my problem exactly. tight curls by the way
First off Krimsky, you have REALLY nice hair.
*serious hair envy going on*

An answer to your second question: you might try useing a diffuser to cut down on the drying time. some of my guys friends says they wouldnt use it cuz they would seem less manly, but i think that

Third: some 3A in the front, but mostly 3B
*in my opinion*

Fourth: sleeping on a satin pillow case def. helped me out with the morning frizzies.

Have you thought about going CG(Curly Guy)?
That might help all your problems.
3B/Cish- thick, just above shoulders

Shampoo: Giovanni 50:50 Balanced
Conditioner:Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner
Leave-In: still looking...
Styler: KCCC

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