hair type?

im looking to find out what curl type i am so that i know what products would be good for me.

here are some pics of my hair after it is styled.

heres one when it was a little shorter

my routine is condition my hair with hello hydration in the morning, use garnier fructis sleek and shine leave in, and use beyond the zone noodle head creme. I also deep condition once a week and shampoo once a week.

im tryin to grow my hair out like this but my hair is obviously too short and it shrinks a lot! Ive been growin it out for over 2 months and have like a mini fro. But when i apply water and the creme it shrinks to this length and gets really hard.

Am I on the right track? And is there a way to loosen up my curls and get that natural look, without the crunchas i grow it out?

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Right now, it looks like 3B but as it gets longer it'll probably become 3B/3C.

When you do shampoo your hair, do you use a sulfate free shampoo?
From what you said, your routine seems pretty rock solid.
Maybe if your tried a different styling product, you wouldnt have that crunch and shrinkage.
Hope that helps,
3B/Cish- thick, just above shoulders

Shampoo: Giovanni 50:50 Balanced
Conditioner:Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner
Leave-In: still looking...
Styler: KCCC

look like ur gonna be a 3c...
but u are gonna also juss let it grow out some more.
your hair looks similar to mine when it was that short
and with that curl pattern its gonna be a while before
it starts to hang. and with longer hair the curl will stretch out juss a little more depending on ur texture.

but at this point you juss have to wait it out some more, before you could try more styling options. but wat your doing seems fine. try n get a sulfate free shampoo tho, giovanni is what i use, i get it at rite aid.

PS. btw my avatar picture is from a while ago, my hair is much longer now. i've been growin it out for a year n about 5 months now.
3b here 4a there 3c everywhere
talk about a mix up

elevator doors open...

random girl: ohhh, you have curly hair

elevator doors begins to close...

random girl's friend:i think he knows that already

elevator doors close...

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It looks like 3C to me. Very nice hair, btw. However, you're using products with silicones in them which will likely start building up, dulling your hair, and drying it out. Try cleaning all the buildup off with a sulfate shampoo and then switching to some stuff without silicones. There are loads of product suggestions all over this site as to products without silicones, and if you went over th the 3C board they would probably know what specifically would work with your hair, and might also know what might smell too girly for you, which is a problem with some guys. It will probably get much better results and will make your hair much healthier as you grow it out.

fia 2C/3A-F-iii, sensitive to some proteins
CGish since 10-16-08
Low-poo: Yes to Carrots Daily Pampering Shampoo (1-2x/week)
Rinse outs: Yes to Carrots Pampering Mud Conditioner
Styling: a little bit of leave in and a little bit of KCCC, diffusing
Olive oil DTs, honey rinses in the summer
I'll say 3b, possibly 3c. The longer it gets the better you'll be able to tell. And I agree with mrl234, cones made my hair look a mess..i've been doing CG for about a month now and it finally looks great! It takes awhile for your hair to get use to the CG way of life and also figure out what products your hair likes. Luckily my hair likes the cheap .99Cent VO5 Strawberries and Cream Conditioner..I use it for my co-wash and my leave in. And my hair has NEVER looked better. I i've noticed though that the longer my hair gets..the less it shrinks when it dries which I LOOOVE..because now you can finally start seeing some length!

But yeah i would definitely consider going CG. Everything you are using on your head, Hello Hydration, Garnier Fructis Leave in and your Noodle Head cream, has one or more cones in them..and the harsher ones at that. So shampooing once a week would be great if you didn't have all those cones..but everyday you are slapping those cones on your hair, that once a week shampoo will not get them all out unless you wash your hair atleast 3 times, then that causes your hair to be extremely then you slap on some more hello hydration conditioner, otherwise known as "Cyclopentasiloxane" (a really bad silicone) it's a vicious cycle. You hair will thank you for going CG I promise lol. Just wash your hair one more time with a sulfate shampoo and then get you some VO5 conditioner and you will be just fine! For more info on going CG you can go to the "Going Shampoo-less" thread.
can you recommend a styling product without cones that are like noodle head and a good elave in without cones. Im only hesitant to stop using noodle head because its the only product that ive found that really curly hy hair up
Actually I don't. I've never been the type to use styling products on my hair, even before I went CG. My hair is thick and has lots of volume so I didn't feel like i needed to style it. The most i did was used Sunsilk 24/7 Frizz Cream when it was humid hair didn't frizz at all when I used it..but then when i went CG i noticed that it had a cone in it so I can't use it anymore. I haven't found anything else that works for my hair..gels make my hair hard and dry..and some creams make my hair i just use my co-wash conditioner as a leave in. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful..maybe someone else has something that may work

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