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I've been using shampoo less frequently for many years now after reading about the no 'poo routine. It depends on the length of my hair. When it's short, I don't mind shampooing it every day.
I've also abandoned the use of conditioner because it seems to work better on longer hair (mine right now is about 15 cm long, and it grows very fast). What I do instead is, when I don't shampoo, I wash my hair with water, and I use products like mousse or hairspray.

For those of you who use conditioner, does it make a significant difference?
Starting from what length do you think it's useful to use conditioner?
Btw, my hair is wavy-curly and rather "big".

according to Fia's.
I always use conditioner. I tried going without it for a while and my hair was dry and dull. It still gets like that sometimes, but usually because of the weather. All curly hair is different so I'd recommend trying different products and techniques to find what works for you.

Some shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate which is "a suspected gastrointestinal or liver toxicant, can be drying and harsh for the hair and cause eye irritation, allergic reactions, and hair loss."

A lot of styling products contain silicones (ingredients that end in 'cone' or 'ate' usually) that can cause build up on the hair.

You might be interested in the CG (Curly Girl/Guy) method here.
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Thanks a lot Alex!

I just thought using conditioner and products could be too much for my hair.

Today I used an anti-frizz shampoo from L'Oreal and the result is that my hair didn't puff out.

I remember the reason I stopped using conditioner was because my sister told me that you're not supposed to apply the conditioner on your scalp.

I'll read the thread you suggested. Thank you!

One more thing: How do you get your hair so straight like in the photos? Do you just brush it? When I brush my hair it gets "big" with no clear waves/curls which is why I don't like doing it.
according to Fia's.
Hi Boys,
I know that I am not a guy but my husband doesn't use conditioner he wears it short but he does have really curly hair. He doesn't like conditoner, and I can't live with out it. Just thought I'd share and he doesn't worry about his hair at all, he uses Head & Shoulders original shampoo and gel and that is it. So just thought he was weird but it is nice to see there are other curlies that don't use conditoner also. Just thought I'd share!
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