some ideas for great hairstyles

you can always lift up the bulk of your hair if it is long, adding a tail which really looks well. another great trick to tdo then, to accentuate this tail, is have it pulled to one shoulder, so it is more uneven at the back of the neck, and more pronounced on one side in the front. if your hair curls then, also the tail will flip on top of the shoulder, which adds a nice touch to the look.

another great idea is to do a partial ear tuck. this is when you get some of the hair above your ear, provided it has ample length. just move your fingers there and give a push to get the bulk of the hair behind the ear. this will give a more cleaned up look on some people. i choose to let some of the hair remain either in front or on the ear, just to add some freedom to an otherwise very tidy look.

finally when wearing a hat, it is my opinion to do more of a condensed hair style. if you can part most of the hanging hair to be in the same direction under a hat, this looks best. i can simplify this idea more, it would be the same as sectioning your hair, the bangs, the top, the sides, and the back. have them all separate under the hat. it really makes a difference.

okay these are some of the styles as options when having longer hair. good luck and ride the waves.
can you post some pics, so we know exactly what you are talking about?
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well my hair is really short right now. but if i simplify i am sure everyone can get the picture.

if the hair is pulled back into a tail, it is really easy to grip the tail and twist and pull, it tightens the tail, and if you pull to one side, the tail is tightened and secured with a direction instead of straight down off of the head. it will be favoring one side, this is good for a edgey look, where one angle the hair may look shorter, and from the other side the hair may look a bit longer. i can repost again with some more explanations, hehe, just i cannot do too much at once. i'd be exhausted.

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